Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was Greg's 3 day weekend. I look forward to these and normal two day weekends just seem too short to me now. We didn't do anything too exciting, but here's some pictures from our weekend. It's so hard to get pictures that aren't blurry, but I'd rather have a blurry picture than no picture, I guess.

Carter really thinks he's something getting up on his pushing toy to reach the door knob and trying to reach the light switch.

After the gym, we come home and one of us takes a shower while the other one feeds the boys and does the dishes and then the switch off so we're both showered before the boys go to bed. I came down after my shower and found the boys had brought their blankets into the kitchen and were playing in the floor behind Greg. Too cute!

All of a sudden, they don't look like babies to me anymore. Evan looks like a kid with no pants, not a baby with just a shirt. That probably doesn't make any sense to anybody, but they just seem to be getting so big so fast.

So cute!! They love playing with blankets now. I guess because it's been so rainy and dreary, it's fun to just cuddle up with a blanket.

The boys ended up loving their play rug that I got them off Craigslist. yay!

Friday, we took Carter to his follow up for his allergies. Everything the doctor's told us to do have really been helping. They love playing in the waiting room.

Evan loved the fish. He knew what they were, as soon as we walked in he said "fish".

Sunday was really rainy, so I spend the day mostly cleaning. But, we did get a couple of fun projects done that I wanted to do. I worked on my menu planning board. I'll do a more detailed post on it when I'm completely done, but here it is. I've discovered magnetic paper and it's amazing. I don't know how I lived without it before. It's what I used to print out the names of recipes that we will be having and I put it on the day we're planning on having it.

Like I said, I'll do another post on this with more details later.

We got an oil drip pan from Walmart, cleaned it off and then hung it on the wall in the basement for the boys to use for their magnets. I don't like the writing on the pan, but it was so inexpensive and we hung it with 3mm, so it's super easy to take down and didn't require any holes in the wall. If we ever see a nicer one, I'll get it. I've also seen on Pinterest where people have painted these, so I might do that too. It's not cute, but it's a great thing for the boys to have for their magnets.

I'm lumping Monday in with our weekend recap. Carter woke up before Evan today, which usually doesn't happen. Here he is in our bed reading books.

We had our moms of multiples playdate today. We went to another great house. It was perfect for playdates, with tons of toys and just the right amount of baby proofing. I swear, moms of multiples have the best playdate houses, they always have the best toys and tons of them!! The host even made homemade waffles for the kids to have as a snack. Carter was a little waffle bandit and ate any that was given to him, or left on anybody's plate. He was not messing around! He loved them!!

A sign of a good playdate. The boys sleeping on the way home because they wore themselves out playing.

More blankets and couch time. The only nap was in the car, so the boys were worn out this afternoon.

But, not too worn out for playing in the ball pit. :)
 I got this picture off Greg's camera. It was taken sometime this weekend, but I thought it was cute that Evan was actually looking at the camera.

This weekend, we did some shopping, ran errands, went to the gym, went to the park before it started raining on Saturday, and got a ton done around the house. It was a nice weekend, but I'm definitely looking forward to warm and sunny weekends that we can get out more. I also tried a few new recipes, so I'll do a seperate post on that. I hope everybody had a good weekend.

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