Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rainy Day

This morning, we had a MOPs playdate scheduled for 10:00. While I was getting ready, I got a message that it was cancelled due to one of the kids being sick. My first thought was "NOOOOOO!!!!!, what are we going to do this morning!?"(and I felt bad for the sick kiddo and his mama) The boys had been really, really good up to that point, but I could tell they were starting to get a little stir crazy. It was raining, so I didn't want to go out and do something just for the sake of getting out (like running to Target to look around). So, we had to be creative.

I got some mail that I was going to throw away and gave it to the boys. They love empty boxes, mail, empty paper towel rolls, plastic cups, etc. So, when I can tell they're getting bored, I let them play with that kind of stuff before I throw it away. All the toys they own and they are entertained by "trash".

It was dreary and a little cold, so we got out a ton of blankets and the boys spent a long time playing with them. They love covering up and rolling around.

We spent most of the morning upstairs playing. We don't spend much time up here, maybe 10 minutes a day or so while I get the boys dressed and ready for the day. The boys had a lot of fun.

I was sitting in the chair in Evan's room and they were running in and out of the his room and going into Carter's and playing in the hallway. I heard laughter and a couple of thumps and then hysterical laughter. It turns out that they were throwing toys through the slots in the banister and pushing the big ones down the stairs.

I picked up Evan's room last night before he went to bed. Everything was neat and in order. This was about 15 minutes into playing.

The toys they managed to push down the stairs. It was frustrating that they did that, but it was hard to stay mad because they thought it was so funny. They laughed and laughed, it was so cute how excited they were, but still, they can't be doing things like that.

We finally made it to lunch time and then it was time for their nap. After Greg got home, we met somebody from Craigslist to buy this play rug for the boys. Then, we went to the gym.
This is the picture from Craigslist.

Going to other people's houses for playdates and seeing how they have their playrooms set up, and Pinterest, have made me want to get organized and finally do some decorating, organizing, etc around our house. I want to switch the boys rooms, set up the playroom in the basement (they have toys down there but it's not decorated or set up cute at all) and there's a few more projects on my to do list.

One of the first things on my to do list is to make this menu planner I saw on a blog today.

It's amazing. It's a magnetic month board and the girl printed out labels on magnetic paper and plans her menus out a month in advance. You'd have to look at the blog to see all the details and pictures, but I love it and definitely want to do this. Our weeks go so much smoother when I plan a menu for the week, but sometimes it's hard, doing it for a month would take longer than planning it for the week, but it'd save us time and money in the long run. Greg is out getting dinner as I write this because we didn't menu plan this week and couldn't decide what to have. I can't wait to do this project.

Tonight we're watching Survivor. It's one of the few shows we watch live (not on dvd) and I can't wait to see who goes home tonight. I hope everybody is having a good week. Tomorrow is our "Friday" and then Greg has a 3 day weekend and I'm defnitely looking forward to it.

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