Monday, April 16, 2012

Playdates and Water Fun

Today was a great start to our week. The weather was beautiful. We had a multiples playdate in the morning and the boys were able to play outside and then after their nap, we let them play in the backyard with their water table and toys. I think we're all completely exhausted, but it was so nice to spend so much time outside. The high was 88 today, it's not supposed to get into the 80's the rest of the week, so we tried to take advantage of it.

Here is what life is like with two, mischievous boys. I go in the other room for less than 2 minutes and I come back to find them on top of the dining room table.

We went upstairs to get ready for our playdate and the boys climbed into the chair and started reading books. They love doing this every day now, and they always have to have their blankets. They only get their pacifiers in the crib and in the car, but when we spend time in their rooms (which is maybe 10 minutes a day) they go over to the crib and sneak them out.

When did they get so big?! They're such big boys all of a sudden. They just walk on down the stairs, it seems like just yesterday when I was having to hold their hands. :(

The mom that hosted this week has the most unbelievable backyard. I was so in love with her backyard! It was amazing. They have tons of outdoor toys, plenty of room to run around, nice big trees that provided plenty of shade, the best playground (I don't know what they're actually called) that I've ever seen, and a sand box. I'm sure I'm leaving out some things, but it was the best place for a group of kids. We had so much fun.

The boys off to explore the yard.

Isn't that playset thing amazing?! The boys that live here are fraternal twins just 3 months older than Evan and Carter.

The boys loved the sandbox, it was actually their first time ever playing with sand.

The boys swinging.

Haha, I don't know how Carter managed to get the host and her two boys to push him around the yard. Such a little stinker.

Of course with a yard that amazing, the boys managed to wander inside and get distracted by the toys in the playroom. I was like "let's go back outside!"

They love playing with basketball hoops anytime we go to a house that has them. Future basketball players, maybe? They'll definitely be tall enough.

Can't wait until you're older, Carter. You'll be doing this with a real lawn mower. ;)

Everybody haning out and playing. 4 moms and 9 kids.

Carter loves pushing things, he likes putting his monkey on his lawnmower at home and pushing it around. it's cute when he gets to actually use a stroller instead of his lawnmower.

After the boys naps, we changed them into their new bathing suits (which were a little big) and let them play in the back yard. We filled the water table up with water and when they got tired of that and wanted to go on the deck, we filled up some bowls, pitchers, and cups with water and let them splash around and get ever more wet.

We let the boys eat dinner outside on their picnic table.

Yep, Evan is stealing chicken nuggets off Carter's plate. When I said something to him about it, he replaced them with carrots. haha.

The boys were freezing when we brought them inside and dried them off and changed them into some dry clothes. We put them on the couch, turned on a cartoon and covered them up. They actually stayed like this for like, 5 minutes, which is FORVER for them. They must have been exhausted!!

So cute!

We had a great day today. We have a pretty busy week planned, there's several playdates and activities going on this week with the moms groups, so we should have plenty to keep us busy, which is the way I like it. ;)

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