Friday, October 25, 2013

Steed's Dairy Farm

Last Saturday, we decided to take the boys to Steed's Dairy Farm. It's right down the road from us and has all the fun fall activities like hayrides, petting zoo, etc.

When we first went in, we went over to the huge tube slide. I cannot believe I got the boys to stop for a picture before they ran up the stairs.

They seriously could have just went down the slide the whole time we were there. Actually, each activity by itself was really good, but to have all the different activities in one place was amazing. We will definitely be going here every year.

The boys were just so excited, they'd get down and run around to go on it again.

We went on a Saturday after naps and I couldn't believe there weren't more people there. It started sprinkling on our way there and rained a little during our hay ride, so I think that's why it wasn't more packed.

After the slides, the boys went over to the area that had all these wooden play sets with slides. There was a pirate ship, a castle, a truck, a tractor, etc.

Before Carter ran up the ramp, he stopped and said "cheese" haha. He's so used to me saying "let me get a picture" that he just did it on his own.

How neat are these?! The boys loved playing on all of them.

There was a huge inflatable pillow there. I've never seen one of these, but the boys LOVED it.

Carter could have jumped on this thing for hours. There were some older kids that went around jumping near the younger kids to make them fall (I don't know where their parents were) and then once the little kid fell, the two older boys would keep jumping because the little kids couldn't get up. They did this to Carter and I was ready to go into mama bear mode, but Carter thought it was the funniest thing ever. He laughed and laughed, so the boys moved on to somebody else to do this to.

Evan wanted to go on the zipline but Carter wanted to keep jumping, so I took Evan while Greg watched Carter. I was a little nervous about the zip line, but Evan did great, he held on tight and thought it was so fun.

He has no fear.

After Evan got done with the zip line, we went on the hayride. It started raining, so I tried to get a few quick pictures and put my phone away before it got wet. This is Evan saying 'cheese'.

Our view on the hay ride.

This one was being so silly. He was trying to "hide"

After the hayride, Greg took Carter on the zip line and I took Evan over to the sand mound. There were several toys over there for the kids to play with. There were also all kinds of bikes, cozy coupes and riding toys all over the property for the kids to play with.

I got so tickled at Evan, he ran up to this tire and said "Oh no, tire, somebody buried you! It's ok, don't worry, I'll save you" and sat there and tried to get all the sand off the tire.

They had a shed set up with kids toys inside for the kids to play with.

Carter on the zip line. I made Greg take a picture and text it to me. He actually went on it several times, he'd get off and then get back in line and ride it again. I'm so glad there wasn't too many people there, it worked out so well for us.

View from the play area.

There were pony rides for the kids. Carter was doing the zip line and didn't do this, but Evan did and he looked so grown up to me. :(

Carter playing in the play house.

The boys in the wooden jeep.

We went after naps and only spent a few hours there. We only left because it was getting late and time for dinner. The boys could have stayed there a lot longer (although they were so good about leaving-no whining or tears) Your admission gets you access all day-you can leave and come back, so I think next year we'll come in the morning and then back in the afternoon. There was so much that we didn't do--a train ride, corn maize, petting zoo, corn kernel sandbox, a sling shot of cow feed that you shoot into the cow field, and stuff we probably didn't even know about. We were hesitant about going this year because of the cost but it was worth every penny. I have to write all this down, so when I check my blog next fall, I'll see that we need to go in the morning and yes, it was worth the money. etc.

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