Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trip to the Mall

Thursday evening, after Greg got home from work, we decided to take a quick trip to the mall. There was something I wanted to look at at Barnes and Noble and I knew that they had a little train area of kids. The boys were not on their best behavior last week, I don't know if they were still getting over croup, if we had spoiled them while they were sick and they were acting out because of that, or what, but it was a rough week with lots of tantrums and fussing. So, we woke the boys up and "sold" Barnes and Noble as the best place in the world to go because there's a train table. They've never been and hoped we'd get a little bit of good play time out of them and maybe skip the fussing and tantrums that evening.

We were right, they loved it.

They probably could have stayed longer. And as we were leaving, we saw a lego station set up, so we'll definitely be back some rainy afternoon when we need to get out of the house.

We decided to eat dinner at the mall and we passed some fountains on the way. The boys love fountains and love to get pennies to throw in. I was completely out of pennies, so their little wishes got nickels and dimes--so hopefully they come true. :)

I love this picture because they are getting up the exact same way at the exact same time. It's like they're twins or something. ;)

They were so happy to be on the fountain.

But, I kept trying to get both to look at the camera and it's either-no eye contact and smiles or eye contact and looking annoyed. The boys are getting better about smiling for me and letting me take their pictures, but trying to get both boys to look at me, smile, etc is still really hard.

We had dinner at Moe's. They have chips and salsa, so the boys were happy.

Then, passed another fountain on the way out.

And a couple more coin tosses since they were good at dinner. I'm pretty sure somebody got a quarter. I really need to stock my purse with pennies. I used to carry a snack size Ziploc bag full of pennies, but we must have gone through it.

This little outing to the mall must have been just what the boys needed. They were really good the whole time we were there and there were major tantrums when we got home. It was a nice evening.

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