Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch and Parks

Last Saturday, the boys were starting to feel a little better, but we were trying to take it easy. We went to a pumpkin patch at a church near our house. We let both boys pick out a pumpkin. It was a quick activity that didn't cost much that really made the boys so happy.

Evan insisted on wearing his superhero eye mask.

Evan picked his outfit also, I think he looks very cute and this is something I'd pick out for him to wear.

The boys had fun comparing the small pumpkins.

After the pumpkin patch, we went and rented a cartoon and got some popcorn and let the boys watch the movie we got and have a popcorn picnic in the floor. They are only allowed to have food in the kitchen/dining room, so they thought it was a special treat to get to eat in the living room.

They were so excited about the idea, but I don't know they loved the movie (Wings)

After nap, we decided to go to the park. They seemed like they were in good moods and we thought a little outside time would be really good for them. So, we figured we'd go and let them play for a little bit.

They really perked up after getting there, you could tell that they really missed being outside while they were sick. They had a blast.

Sunday, we ran errands all morning and then after naps, we took the boys to another park on Fort Gordon. We've taken them there before, it's a sand park next to a lake. The boys loved it. There were some ducks and geese and they got a kick out of that.

They each had a pebble to throw into the lake (I don't know why, but they insisted that they get to do this)

They liked seeing the fish in the water.

We didn't bring anything to feed the ducks/geese, but we will next time. Although, we'll be careful about getting too close to the geese. I've heard they can be a little mean.

As soon as Evan got on the playground equipment, he took off his shoes and socks and was so pleased with himself. He talked Carter into taking his off too.

He was so happy to be barefooted.
I love that they have a swing like this there. I wish more parks had these swings.

The boys had a lot of fun at the park. They actually asked me on Monday morning as soon as they woke up, if I would take them to that park again.

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