Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nicholas Sparks and our Weekend

The boys have been begging us to take them back to the mall to play with the Thomas train at Barnes and Noble and every time they find a coin, they ask us to take them to the mall to throw it in the fountain. So, we took the boys there Friday night. There's also a lego table that Evan had so much fun at.

I ordered the boys a train set on Zulily several months ago and we're going to give it to them for Christmas. I hope they like it half as much as they like this Thomas one at the mall.

I gave each boy a little pile of pennies and they got the sit there and throw them all in the fountain. We just drove by the mall today and saw that they have a Christmas tree up outside next to this fountain and Christmas decorations up already. I have a feeling that we'll be spending a lot of time there this holiday season, the boys love looking at Christmas trees.

After we got home, the boys begged to have a picnic. It was freezing outside and dark, so we let them have a picnic in the dining room floor and they were happy as could be.

Saturday morning, we took the boys to Chick-Fil-A to play and get ice cream. We had a coupon for a free one that we needed to cash in. The boys took turns with spoons, straws and just licking the ice cream out of the bowl.

There met Rick Allen while we were there. He's running for Congress and he came over and introduced himself.

That evening, we took the boys to the park. Carter LOVES drums, he turns anything he can into drums and he is just in love with this little drum set at the park. And no, Meemaw and Papaw--he does NOT need a drum set. ;)

Caroline and I were going to see Nicholas Sparks talk at the Lady Antebellum amphitheater and so we decided to meet at the park and she could say hi to the boys and then Greg could just take them home. He was so excited for a boys night with them. Look at Evan's face--he just loves his aunt Caroline.

There were so many people who wanted to see Nicholas Sparks talk, that they had to move the event from the library to the amphitheater. They had food trucks there that we got dinner from and we brought chairs and a blanket and enjoyed our evening.

Afterwards, I got a book signed by him.

Monday, we went to Meemaw and Papaw's house for the day and they had fun trick or treat buckets full of goodies for the boys. I wish I would have got better pictures. They were filled with all kinds of fun things. Lots of things that lit up, a little mini fan that both boys used so much that they wore the batteries out, Halloween peeps, Halloween books, etc.

I love how Carter is looking at the bucket like, is that for me?

Evan digging into his basket.

These light up wands are a huge hit also. Carter is actually sleeping with his right now. He takes it everywhere. Evan is willing to leave his down stairs while he sleeps, but as soon as he gets up, he grabs it again.

We went to a fall festival on Sunday night, but I'm going to do a separate post for that since I took several pictures.

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