Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day at Meemaw's and Papaw's

The boys and I have been trying to get out to my parents house more often. After we lived here a couple of months, we all realized that we hadn't been back out to visit much, so now we're trying to make a point to get out there regularly. That's the reason we moved down here-to be closer to family, so we want to take full advantage of that.

Last Tuesday the public schools were out for the day and the boys preschool goes by the county schools calendar, so the boys preschool was closed too. So, we went to Meemaw's and Papaw's house.

Carter could ride his bike the whole time we're there. He loves it. He has pedaling down pat, he can steer, go fast, etc. He just loves it.

Evan likes the sandbox.

Both boys like the camper. My parents have my grandparents old camper. I remember being young when my grandparents got it, so this camper is pretty old. But, I have an uncle and aunt that love to stay in the camper when they go visit my parents. The boys just love everything about the camper. They found a tennis ball and played catch for a long time.

Then, there was more bike riding.

Evan will try it out, but he just does not get the whole pedaling and steering thing. He has about .25 seconds to get something before he gets frustrated and moves on to something else. I can't wait until he realizes how easy it is, then I know he'll love it as much as Carter.

My dad got off work while the boys were napping, so they were super excited when they woke up. We ended up staying a couple of hours after naps so the boys could play some more. Playing catch in the camper was a big chunk of that time.

The boys wanted to climb on this, just any kind of exploring is fun for the boys. They don't need traditional toys, they're fine with all the stuff my parents have. :)

They were so excited.

then, my dad swung one around when he was helping him down. So, of course, the other one wanted to be swung around. So, this went on for quite some time.

Then, the boys took turns sitting on this tire. Not something I would have guessed would be fun for a 3 year old, but they loved it.

and a little more sandbox play before we left to go home.
I love going out to my parents with the boys, with no plan, except to just have fun and play with toys. The boys love playing with all the toys they have at my moms. It gets us out of the house without having to be on the go the whole day. And the boys get to spend time with Meemaw and Papaw, it's pretty much the perfect set up.

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