Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Abilene Fall Festival

Sunday evening, we took the boys to a Fall Festival that was held by the same church that they attend preschool at. It was a free event that was open to the public, you just had to register beforehand. The boys were so excited to wear their costumes. I love their costumes, I think they are so stinkin' cute!! I got them at a consignment sale I went to last month, I can't believe they had both Mario and Luigi and in the boys' size, but I'm so glad they did.

Seriously, are they not adorable?!

There were so many things to do at the Festival, three bounce houses, a train, horse rides, face painting, a live band, TONS of bible games, candy, etc.

We got there right as it was getting started and the boys wanted to ride the train first. I'm so glad we did because the line when we left was SO long. Evan was very excited to ride the train, even though he doesn't look like it.

Next, the boys took rode their very first horse. I was a little nervous, but the boys were not. The boys walked right up and didn't back.

They were able to go around several times, and Carter had a huge smile on his face the whole time. He just looked so happy.

Evan looked so intense, he was having fun but he was so serious (that's how he looks on carnival rides too). When he got off, he ran up to me and was talking a mile a minute--"I held on tight, I didn't fall, it was fun, I wasn't scared"

When he went by and saw I was taking pictures he said "cheese"!

When we went inside to play some games, a clown came up to the boys. I think this is the first time the boys have ever seen a clown. She knelt down and Carter stiffened up, looked straight ahead and just gave her the side eye and then his eyes started watering. I just knew he was about to lose it. But, then she did some magic tricks. She gave Evan a red ball and had him close his hand and then when he opened it, there were two. Then, Carter got over his fear and when she gave him two and he opened his hand and there were three, he got the biggest kick out of it. But, the best trick was when she said "oh no, where's my ball" and pulled it out from behind Greg's ear, both boys just thought that was the best thing ever! They actually talked about it in the car on the way home. I'm so glad that we happened to be passing her at just the right time and she picked them to sit down and do some tricks for, because it was just so fun for them being able to be involved in the tricks.

They had an auditorium filled to the brim with different bible games. They all had different themes and messages, it was so creative. After you participated in a game, you got some candy for your bag.
Here's Carter doing the ring toss.

They had a ladder set up that was decorated like a tree and the kids could climb up and look through the telescope and see a picture of Jesus. The boys thought it was so fun.

I'm so glad we took the boys to this. They had so much fun. I couldn't believe it was all free, it even included a hot dog and chip dinner for everybody. It's an annual thing and I can't wait to take the boys next year. They got several compliments on their costumes, so I'm going to have to start thinking of cute twin costumes that they can wear next year. :)

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