Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trick or Trunk and Halloween

Last Tuesday, we took the boys to Trick or Trunk at Chick-Fil-A. It was actually calling for rain on Halloween and I wanted the boys to get to experience some trick or treating just in case it ended up raining and they couldn't go.

The boys wanted to wear their Buzz Lightyear and Super Why costumes. I got these at a consignment sale for super cheap, and I thought it'd be fun for the boys to have for dress up.

There were several businesses set up in the parking lot with trunks or tables decorated and lots of candy. You got a card punched at each table when you got candy there and if you went by all of them, you got a free sundae from Chick-Fil-A. The boys loved going up to the people and saying "trick or treat"

There was a police officer there handing out coloring books, badges, stickers, etc. He was letting the kids climb in the back of his car. I told the boys this better be the only time they are ever in the back of a police car.

There was a bounce house set up. We got there as soon as it started, so there weren't too many people, but it was crazy when we left. There was also a putt putt golf set up for the kids to try out.

The boys loved their little sundae with sprinkles that they got afterwards.

They didn't even want to bother with the spoons.

That night, Carter got sick. He started coughing and running a fever when he went to bed. Neither of us got any sleep that night. He woke up exhausted and feeling awful. Greg had Wednesday-Friday off due to some contract issues so he took Evan to the mall for lunch and to play in the play area. Evan didn't want to go to school without Carter, so we let him stay home. He's had a hard time before when we've dropped him off somewhere without Carter. Evan had so much fun spending the day with Greg. (this was the only picture Greg took)

I took Carter to his pediatrician because his breathing was worrying me. He sat in the waiting room like this, moaning. He was miserable. Turns out, he had pneumonia. A breathing treatment, a couple shots, and some medicine and we were back home. I could tell he felt a little better before bed. I slept in his room on the floor to listen to his breathing because we were told to take him to the ER if it got any worse. He did fine and the next day he woke up feeling so much better.

The boys were so excited to go Trick or Treating. It had been an exhausting couple of days and I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but, I managed to get a couple before they left.

They were supposed to be Mario and Luigi, but Carter wanted to wear his Super Why costume. I could tell he was not going to give in, so I didn't bother fighting him on it. I got my pictures of them dressed as Mario and Luigi for the fall festival that we went to, so I was happy. :)

Greg took the boys trick or treating in our neighborhood and I stayed and handed out candy.

The boys were so good for Greg. They loved going up to the doors and saying "trick or treat" and they were good about saying Thank you. They knew that they couldn't touch any of the candy in their bags and that when they got home, we had to go through it first to get out all the candy that had peanuts or were processed with peanuts. They were so good about it. We were a little worried about Halloween with Carter's allergy, but it wasn't a problem at all.

When the boys got back, they helped me hand out the rest of our candy. They loved going to the door and seeing what the kids were dressed up as. They were so excited from trick or treating and probably on a sugar high, and they would just talk a mile a minute to whoever came to the door. It was really cute. The boys had so much fun with all the Halloween stuff we did, it was much different this year because they really "got" it. They're already talking about Christmas, so we know the holidays are going to be so much fun at this age.

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