Monday, November 18, 2013

Making Cookies and Skipping Naps

Last Friday, the boys wanted to make cupcakes. So, I decided to let them help me make them and decorate them.

The boys did goo with mixing the ingredients and following directions.

They even helped with lining the pan.

They loved checking on the cupcakes as they were cooking.

They entertained themselves in my bathroom floor for a little while.

They got into our stash of stuff we're selling on Craigslist and decided that this body pillow (I used when I was pregnant) makes a great "horse"

After the cupcakes were done, we went to a play group with the moms group I'm in. I joined back in August and haven't been to a single play date or event since I joined. We had RSVP'd for a few things and then that was the week that Carter got admitted to the hospital and I just feel like it's been one thing after another since then. But, Friday I finally went to a play date and got to meet some other moms. The boys had a blast playing with the other kids. They're at an age where I don't have to be in the same room with them the whole time, I can actually go talk with the other moms, so that's nice.

The boys have been asking to go to another play date ever since, so we'll have to get more involved in my moms group and do these things more often.

When we got home, the boys decorated the cupcakes and ate them. It was a mess, but they loved it.

As soon as I got the boys cleaned off, Papaw came by for a surprise visit. The boys LOVE surprise visits from Papaw. They immediately took him upstairs into their rooms and started playing with him.

We had a really good week as far as potty training last week, so I had to post a pic of these two in their underwear.

Evan decided that he didn't need a nap that day. :( So, I got out my camera for him to play with. He loves taking pictures of himself.

Then he wanted me to join him.

Being silly.

Oh, what else are you going to do when they refuse to take a nap?

I also wanted to post a picture of Carter's first ever happy face that he drew on his magna doodle. I think it's super cute.

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