Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Parks and Petsmart

*I wrote this last week and forgot to post it. Oops*

Last weekend, I went to Christmas Made In the South with my mom. It was my first time and I would love to start going every year. I got a couple of things, but they're gifts, so I can't post them. But, I did get this cute, Grinch ornament for the boys tree this year. They had a no photos policy, so this is the only picture I got.

After the boys naps last Saturday, we took them to Petsmart to look at the animals. There's always lots of people with dogs there on Saturdays and sometimes there's organizations there with animals to adopt, so it's the best day to go if you want the most to look at. the boys saw a chameleon which pretty much made the whole trip worth it to them. It came up to the glass and looked like it was trying to touch the boys. Evan told him he loved him. Haha.

The boys also loved the birds. They would say "fly bird, fly over here" and one would just happen to fly and they'd clap and say "good boy!" haha. There were several birds in the cage, so this went on for a long time.

Then we made a quick trip to Target. The boys were pretty good. Evan wanted to ride in the cart and Carter wanted to push. The boys were very excited to go to the Christmas decoration section. They loved looking at all the trees and stockings.

Sunday, we went on Fort Gordon to let the boys play at the park. it was calling for rain after 11, so we wanted to get some outdoor time in before it started. The boys were so full of energy! They decided to play "race" where we would say "on your mark, set, go" and they would run around the entire park and come back and want to do it again.

Before we left, the boys wanted to find a good stick and play with some leaves.

They had the best time picking up sticks, hitting the leaves on the trees and making them fall.

On Sunday after naps, we took the boys to check out Costco. We've always had a membership to Sam's Club, but now that we live near a Costco, we wanted to check it out and because we're old and boring, this was something I was really excited about. They let you walk through the store without a membership, so we checked it out. They had their Christmas stuff out, so the boys were excited to look at the decorations and toys.

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