Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Happenings

Not sure how it's November 17th and I've only blogged once and that was a recipe. We haven't really been doing anything super exciting, just normal every day things, which leads to lots of "photo dump" posts. I keep thinking I don't have enough pictures for a blog post and then I go and look and somehow have tons of pictures that I haven't blogged. So, the next couple of posts will be what we've been up to so far this month.

The first Saturday in November, my parents kept the boys all day so Greg and I could have an afternoon to get some things done and go get lunch. We dropped the boys off about 9:00, then went and ran some errands, had lunch (where we ate way too much) and then we went home and cleaned and organized. It was glorious.

Carter had his first appointment with his new allergist down here. I'm not impressed. We will not be going back. I have no idea how we got so spoiled in Virginia, but we had the best preschool, the best pediatrician, the best allergist, etc. We were lucky to find a great pediatrician here on the first try, but we'll have to keep looking for an allergist.

My mom kept Evan, so I was able to take Carter. It is so much easier to keep one 3 year old entertained while we wait than to keep two 3 year olds entertained.

We got a great package in the mail from Brandi, filled to the brim with all kinds of fun goodies, including some things from her recent trip to Africa. The boys favorite part? The bubble wrap. They LOVE it. If anybody needs ideas on what to get the boys for Christmas--get them bubble wrap.

I have several videos I'll have to post of them stepping on it and just having the best time. They knew what it was as soon as they saw it and they didn't care about anything else.

With the boys have school three days a week, it's nice to stay in our pjs and play on the days they don't have school. They play so good together now. (they fight too, of course) but they'll come up with different games or just have the best time playing with their toys. I love watching them.

They love this play kitchen, they play with it every day. They love to cook and feed each other and us.

Carter was being such a ham in car line the other day. I unbuckle them so it's easy for the teachers to just get them out when we pull up and he was wanting his picture taken. When I went to try and get some of Evan, Carter started leaning over to get in the picture too.

The boys love swinging. We're trying to teach them to pump their legs so they can swing themselves. I don't know if they're just spoiled and don't want to or if they're too young, but either way, we have to push them. And by we, I mean Greg. They say I don't push them high enough.

We couldn't rake up these leaves, the boys just love playing in them too much. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) ;)

The boys had their school pictures taken. I think the one of them together is so good. I definitely bought a package of that one. I can't wait to get the package back so I can put it in a frame.

We took the boys to the mall so they could play in the play area and they just wanted to go up and down every single escalator in the mall. We walked the entire mall and back and they went up every single one. When we got to the play area, they said they didn't want to play, they wanted to turn around and go up and down the escalators again. It wasn't busy and it was free, so we were happy to do it. We passed a play area that has the "rides" you put money in, but the boys had no idea, they just thought they were fun things to go sit in. We're going to let them think that for as long as we can.

I have a couple more "photo dump" posts coming, then we actually have some fun things coming up that I can actually do a whole post on.

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