Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

Last Thursday, the boys had a Thanksgiving program and feast at their preschool. Greg and my dad had to work, but my mom and I went and watched the boys perform their poem and song and ate lunch with the boys. The boys wore their Thanksgiving turkey shirts that I got at Kohl's. There were SO many cute, girly thanksgiving dresses and outfits, but hardly anything for boys. :(

The boys wore Turkey hats that they made in class. I thought they looked so cute. They were SO excited that Mamaw came to school! We all sat down and they called us up to get our food table by table. Then, after we all ate, each age group was called up to put on their poem and song.
The tables were decorated with things that all the kids had made in class. It was so cute! There was so much food. We were told specifically what to bring, which made it easy.
The school provided turkey, chicken nuggets and rolls. I got both the boys some chicken nuggets and Carter was not messing around. He made quick work of those things. He loves chicken--strips, nuggets, grilled, plain, crock pot, he loves it all. Evan's not much of a bread eater, but he loved the roll. He ate all of his and then snuck mine off my plate and ate that. They had some dessert we had brought, too.

The boys have been singing their Thanksgiving song for a month now. They sing in the car, around the house, in the bath, etc. I couldn't wait to hear the whole thing. Each class went one at a time, so the parents were able to sit in front and get video and pictures of their kids. Evan and Carter were in the back row, so it's not as easy to see them, but I'm glad I was able to get video of them singing. Especially since Greg wasn't able to make it.

I uploaded the videos I took to youtube and also put them in this post. I always have problems with videos I try and put on my blog, so hopefully these work.
I wanted to get a picture of the boys in their turkey hats and shirts before we left. The boys had other ideas. Getting both of them to stop, face the camera and smile is like pulling teeth. first, they would only take a picture if Mamaw was in it. Then, Evan wouldn't look, then Carter wouldn't look. This was the best I could get.  

When we got home, the boys played dress up in the turkey outfit they made at school and the turkey masks that they got.


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