Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Veteran's Day Fireworks

Saturday, November 9th, we went to the Evans Towne Center for their Veterans Day celebration. There were supposed to be fireworks at dusk but we found out when we got there that they wouldn't be until about 8:15 and we got there at 6:00. So, we figured we'd stick around and listen to the army band and let the boys play. They were excited to be out while it was dark and they were looking forward to their first fireworks.

Happy Evan.

Evan insisted we got one with daddy in it too.

The boys ran around and danced for awhile.

They let us hold them for a short amount of time and listen to the music.

Then, we got closer and they could see the band playing the different types of instruments, which they thought was so cool.

I have a video of Evan imitating the conductor and it's really cute, but I don't know if it'll work.

The boys had a little picnic while listening to the music and they went back and forth from the park to the stage.

this is how close we were to the band.

Evan and I went over to the park to play for a little bit since he was getting ansty. He thought he was something playing on the park in the dark.

There weren't many people there and we got a great first row view of the fireworks. I was so excited because it was the boys first time ever seeing fireworks. They were over and done by 8:15 and we got home and in bed no much later than the boys normal bedtime. There was so traffic on the way home. It was really a great first time experience for fireworks. I wanted to get a picture or video of their reaction to the first time seeing fireworks, but it was just such a fun moment to be holding them and being all excited (maybe a little bit more me than them) so I didn't even bring out the camera.

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