Saturday, October 26, 2013

Columbus Day Festival

Last Saturday morning, we went to a Columbus Day festival at Evans Towne Center. We'll pretty much go to anything that's free that has activities for kids. There were some little petting zoo companies set up and the boys had a great time seeing the animals.

There was a cage set up with ducks and chickens and the kids could go in and feed them. It was really cute.

A dance school was there for entertainment. They had all their different level classes come out to put on a performance.

Evan getting his food for the duck.

Afterwards, the boys had a little picnic in the car.

The boys were playing the other day and found their winter gear, so this is how Carter has been running around the house.

And this is how he dressed for the park, when it was 80 degrees out-he took the hat and glove off before going to the park, but this is how he rode to the park. And yes, he only wore one glove.

We went for our first walk in our neighborhood since moving in. The boys loved it, so we'll have to start making it a regular thing.

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