Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fort Gordon Oktoberfest

Thursday night, we took the boys to the Fort Gordon Oktoberfest. Thursday was the first night and was pretty much just the carnival. Friday and Saturday, there was all kinds of fun things going on, but nothing that would have interested the boys. The last time we took them to anything like a carnival was back in April, to the Dogwood Festival, so we weren't sure how they were going to do.
We were hoping the boys were tall enough to ride the Ferris Wheel (they weren't in April) and then maybe we'd let them ride one other ride and then go home. Just a quick little trip to check it out. But, the rides were crazy expensive for a family of 4, so we just got a wristband for each of us to ride unlimited rides. They were having a special on the wrist bands, and each wristband came with a drink and slice of pizza. Plus, the park was dead, there was hardly anybody there. We were there for over 2 hours and we didn't have to wait to ride anything. The unlimited wrist band was the best thing we could have got. The boys ended up having the best time!
First, we took the boys on the Ferris Wheel. We were so excited to let them ride it. This carnival was very, very relaxed on things like rules, height requirements, etc. The guys running the rides, didn't care how small the kids were, as long as an adult was with them, which worked out in our favor for this trip. The boys loved the Ferris Wheel. We rode it 3-4 times while we were there.

The first time, they were just in awe of how it all worked and how high we were getting.

Then, they got to ride a kiddie train. They were the only ones on it.

There was a kiddie fun house that the boys wanted to go on. An adult had to go with them since they're so small (even if they were running laps around the older kids doing it) and Greg got that fun job. ;)

I love all these pictures of them coming out through the spinning wheel. The expressions are so funny. I think this was the first time because after this, the boys just flew through like it was nothing.

Greg's face. Bahahahaha

They had three bounce houses/slides set up that the boys were able to jump on and go down as much as they wanted with the wrist band. Normally, you'd buy 2-3 tickets and get to climb up and go down once.

The boys love jumping. Evan got out and went through the fun house a few more times, but Carter jumped the entire time Evan was gone. It was pretty warm out, so their cheeks were so rosy after all that jumping and playing.

There was a huge slide that you take a sack up and ride it down. I wanted them to be able to do this so bad at the last carnival we went to, but they were too short. I knew they would love it and wouldn't be scared. Well, like I said, this carnival was a little relaxed on things like "height requirements" so the boys got to go down this slides several times. Greg took them a few times and then I took them. They loved it. I knew they would

It's very high up.

I wish I could capture their faces on my camera phone, but the sun was so bright and they were coming down so fast. But, it was the cutest thing, they were just so excited and happy. They loved it.

After the slide, I got suckered into riding in the spinning strawberry with them. We had another kid ride in our strawberry and the boys got the biggest kick out of her. She was all about making the strawberry spin as fast as it could, which they thought was hilarious. (I did not)

Greg took the boys on the carousel and the boys were so excited to ride the horses. I could hear them saying "yee haw" as they went by.

We went on a mini roller coaster that the boys loved. We had to do it several times and then Evan wanted to go back to the fun house and Carter discovered this boat ride. He was the only one on it and he was so thrilled to be riding it. I honestly think this was his favorite ride of the entire night.

Look how happy he is!

Then he went on a ride next to the boat one that had trucks and motorcycles.

Evan joined him, and they had a blast.

We went on the Ferris Wheel one more time before we left. I loved this ride because we all got to ride it and it wasn't too crazy.

We let the boys ride one last, tame ride before we left.

All in all, we spent a little over 2 hours there. Considering we didn't have to wait for any ride or deal with any crowds at all, 2 hours was a long time. The boys were exhausted when we left, but they had such a great time. We've decided that the wristbands are the way to go. I think they offer them at a discount on the first night and on Sunday nights, so that's what we'll probably start doing when we take the boys to carnivals/fairs. It was such a fun night. I love doing new things with the boys that they've never done before. I love seeing how excited they get and how happy they are to try new things.

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