Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

It's almost the weekend and I'm just now recapping last weekend. I'm still doing better than I have been about keeping up with blogging, so I'm happy.

The boys in car line on Friday.

After I dropped the boys off at school, I went and met Greg at home. He had to work late some last week, so he only had to work a few hours on Friday, which just so happened to be our anniversary. So, we went on a lunch date while the boys were at school. We went downtown to The Boll Weevil, a local favorite that I have been wanting to try. They're known for their cakes. Our lunch was ok, nothing amazing, but it wasn't bad and it wasn't expensive. The cake we split for dessert was amazing, though. SO GOOD!! We couldn't even finish it because it was so rich and huge! I'd definitely go back there for dessert.

After we picked up the boys from school, we went to the park on Fort Gordon. They had a great time and played for a long time.

I found the boys sunglasses from last summer, so they wore them out on Friday. They definitely thought they were cool.

We left the park and went and got a movie and pizza for our weekly movie night. If I mention watching a movie or eating pizza for dinner, they'll both ask "but, is it Friday?" haha. They know that Fridays mean pizza and movie.

Saturday, Greg took the boys to the gym and pool while I studied for my final. After he got home, we took the boys to a birthday party at Monkey Joe's for a kid in their class. The boys had the best time.

A lot of their friends from school came, so they had so much fun playing and jumping around with them.

Sunday, we went to church and this was the best I could do. I don't think Evan cares as much about the weekly picture as I do. ;)

After church, we ran a few errands and went home. Then, we took the boys out to the splash park. They didn't end up playing a long time in the water, they ended up putting the sandals on and running over to the playground part to play, but they had a great time.

The weather was perfect for being able to play in the water.

We had to cut our time at the park a little shorter than we normally do, because I had to get home and get Greg's car and drive up to church for a Vacation Bible School Rally. It was for all the volunteers and it was basically an information session as well as a way to get us all pumped up about helping out. I'm going to be in the preschool craft room with 3 other women and I'm really looking forward to it. Greg stayed home with the boys and grilled out hamburgers while the boys played with a  frog. Greg sent me this picture while I was at church of Evan holding the frog.

The one good thing about all this rain we've been getting is all the frogs we have in our yard. The boys just love them.

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