Friday, April 24, 2015

Old Mcdonald Fish Camp

Last Friday night, we went to dinner with my parents and sister to Old Mcdonald Fish Camp in South Carolina. My parents have been a couple times before and they thought we'd all like it and a lot of people around here recommend it for seafood. It's not far from our house and we finally all decided to meet up there for dinner.

They have ducks and goats outside and food that you can get to feed them. It was raining when we got there, but the front of the restaurant is covered and the boys were able to feed the ducks without getting wet.  

The boys were so excited. They love eating out, they love seeing my parents and sister and it was a new place with animals to feed--so they were hyped up. We got there when they opened at 5, but still had to wait awhile for a table, which ended up working out well. We were the only ones waiting outside for our table (everybody else was inside) and the boys were able to run around and explore outside while we waited. (and get all that energy out)

Feeding the ducks.

The view from the covered porch we were waiting on. So, there was a lot for the boys to look at.

Checking out the goats who were trying to stay dry.

We were all ready to eat when we sat down. Greg got a catfish po'boy, I got fried shrimp and cat fish, and the boys got chicken finger kids meals. They have free hushpuppies and grits that you help yourself to after ordering. Carter stuck with his chicken and fries, he was not a big fan of grits or hushpuppies. Evan, however, ate the hush puppies and then several of my dad's oysters and some of his fish.

Our table was neat with the view behind us, but I don't think the boys turned around once to watch the ducks--they were serious about their coloring. I told the boys I wanted to take a picture, so Carter picks up a crayon and posed like he was in the middle of coloring--haha!

After dinner, the boys took all the fries that were left over and went outside to feed them to the goats. They love feeding animals and the rain had actually stopped, so it worked out perfect.

I know these were all basically the same picture, but the boys love feeding animals and I just think they're so cute--so I can never have enough of these types of pictures to look back on.

The boys loved this place and were so good there. The wait time ended up being perfect since they were able to get out a little energy. I'm glad that we finally made it out there to try this place since I've been hearing about it for so long and it definitely did not disappoint!

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