Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break-Parks, Dentists, and Parties

Last Monday, I took the boys to a new park to check out. It was really cloudy and we expected it to rain any minute, but it held off while we were at the park. The park wasn't anything special, but the boys had so much fun because it was something new.

They played for a little while on this park and then they walked over to another playground that was very close by.

They made friends with a couple of the other kids there and played good until it was time for us all to go.

This park seems like it was for older kids and the boys enjoyed this one more.

Tuesday, we did a little shopping. I wanted to see if I could get some Easter decorations on clearance and I was able to get a few things that I'm really excited about. The boys were troopers while we shopped. They were very excited by this fake turtle outside Kirklands.

After shopping, we headed over to Chickfila, for the boys to play and eat some lunch.

They spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, reading books and playing games.

Wednesday, they both had their checkup with the dentist. They were so excited to play with the video games in the waiting room.

They don't really know what they're doing, because we don't let them play video games at home yet, but they still loved it.

Both boys did great for their cleaning. Neither one of them have any cavities, they followed directions well and were even able to get their xrays done at this appointment. Everything looked good, which is what we want to hear.

After the dentist, we came home and played until Greg got off work, then we all went over to a friends house for a birthday party. The mom is from my weekly moms bible study and most of the people who came were from that, so it was fun hanging out with them outside of church and catching up. The boys had a blast!! Carter put away about 4 slices of pizza.

We finally convinced Evan to eat a slice, he was too busy bouncing on the bounce house to be worried about eating pizza.

Happy boys!!

The kids loved the piƱata. The boys were so excited when the candy came out.

We tried to get a group shot of the kids at the end of the party, this was the best that I was able to get. The boys had such a blast and were so exhausted when we left.

After the birthday party, we all headed up to my parents house and spent the night. They offered to keep the boys for us over spring break and we decided to take advantage of that and go on a quick overnight trip to somewhere close by. We settled on Athens, GA after seeing how booked Savannah was. My parents live a lot closer to Athens than we do, so we all went over there Wednesday to spend the night and then Thursday morning, Greg and I got up bright and early and headed to Athens and then came back Friday to get the boys. Our first overnight trip together since the boys were born. I'll do a whole blog post about that in a few days

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