Monday, April 6, 2015

Riverbanks Zoo

Friday morning, my mom and I took the boys to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. This was the first time going this year and I went ahead and renewed our season pass. I know we'll get our money's worth out of it because it's such an easy drive to get there and we always enjoy it.

We got there when they opened, about 9:00 and it was packed! It has never, ever been that busy when we've gone and we got there right when they opened. We started with feeding the birds.

The boys held the cups to feed them.

The boys in the bird feeding area.

Evan waving to a monkey. :)

We went to check out the flamingos and penguins next. Carter sat at watched them for a long time. It's so cute to watch them stop and look at the animals for awhile because when we first started coming to the zoo, they would barely slow down to look at the animal as they ran past.

The boys always ride the ponies but there was a really long line this time. We got in line, but Evan decided it wasn't worth the wait, so I took him to go check out the petting zoo part. When we were done, we went back to the pony line and Carter decided it wasn't worth it to wait either.

Evan "milking the cow"

There wasn't many people in the petting zoo area, so Evan fed the goats and llamas.

We stopped and the boys had a snack. Evan was talking about food from the time we got there until we ate lunch. We actually decided to eat lunch about an hour earlier than we normally do because he was going through so many snacks. He ate a great lunch and finally stopped saying he was hungry, until we were on our way home and he ate the rest of the food we brought. I don't know where he puts it, but he can definitely eat!

Carter feeding the llama.

They love feeding the animals. I've looked for a place to feed animals closer to us but haven't found anywhere. When we lived in Virginia, we used to go to place called Yoder's that had a playground, a store and restaurant and then several goats, chickens,etc that you could feed. The boys (and us) loved that place.

After feeding the goats and llamas, we made our way over to the giraffes and the boys fed them. This is probably my favorite part of the zoo.

It was pretty crowded, but the giraffes were hungry, so everybody was able to feed them.

The boys are usually too distracted by the giraffe to take a picture like this. Last time, Carter kept jumping and looking behind him because he thought the giraffe was going to lick him.

The boys love the carousel and we always ride it at least twice each time we go. The boys hardly ever sit next to each other.

Carter on his zebra.

After our carousel ride, we went to check out the fish, snakes, alligators, etc. There were two employees with animals out for the kids to see up close and pet, but you had to be 5 years old to touch it. I knew better than to lie about the boys' age because we all know they would have said as loud as they could "I'm not five, mommy, I'm only 4!"

Looking at the snakes.

We always ride the carousel on our way out because it's right next to the exit. There was a line circling around the carousel, which we've never seen, but we have such a routine and the boys know that we ride it before going every time, so we waited. It wasn't bad, it was just so unexpected because we always go during the week, get there right when it opens and it's never busy. There's been field trips there, but that's a different kind of busy and they just look at the animals, they don't do any of the extra stuff like the carousel, feeding the birds, riding the ponies, etc. We've been so spoiled with not having to wait anytime we've ever gone.

I won't do a blog post for every single time we go to the zoo, since we go so much, but I had to do one for our first trip of the year. :)

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