Sunday, April 5, 2015

This Week and Evans Farmer's Market

Tuesday morning, my mom and I were going to take the boys to the zoo, but Carter woke up with a high fever. My mom came over anyways and played with Evan while I hung out with Carter. His fever kept going up, even after giving him medicine, so we made a quick trip to the doctor to rule out anything serious (strep, flu, etc) and luckily it was just a virus, but he was so pitiful. His fever was 104.3 for most of the day, he had body aches, and was just miserable. He wanted me to lay with him in bed for most of the morning and after we got home from the doctor. He woke up the next morning with a fever of 102, but it started coming down and he was back to his old self by the time we left to go pick up Evan from school. The boys were so sad about missing the zoo on Tuesday. Wednesday, they had their Easter egg hunt and party at school and it was the last day they went before being out for a week and a half for Good Friday and spring break. It broke my heart that Carter wasn't able to go to the Easter egg hunt at school because I know he was really looking forward to it. He didn't mind, he knew he was sick and couldn't go and didn't get upset. Evan, on the other hand, was so sad about Carter missing school. My mom came over that morning to stay with Carter while I drove Evan to school and Evan told me the whole way there how sad he was. He kept saying he'd miss Carter so much, he loves Carter, he was going to be sad without Carter. I told him that when they start Kindergarten, that they'd be in separate classrooms and he said "I know, and I'm going to be sad in Kindergarten, too" :( By the time we got to school, I had convinced him that it was ok to have fun without Carter and it's ok to miss him, but he shouldn't be sad. It was so sweet to hear him go on and on like he did about Carter. I love their bond.

When we got to carline, I let him move up to the front seat until it was time to get out.

The teacher put all of Carter's eggs in a bag to bring home, so Carter was thrilled when we picked Evan up. His attitude about missing was that he still got all his eggs, so he was happy. All the parents sent eggs to school with each child's name written on it and filled them with goodies. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and had to find the eggs with their names on it. It seemed to work really well, both boys were so excited to go through all the eggs when we got home.

Thursday, we had bible study. Carter had been fever free for over 24 hours and had been acting completely fine since mid morning on Wednesday, so we went and they had so much fun. When we got home, we worked on some Easter themed melty beads. Both boys concentrated so hard on this and did so good, with very little help from me.

I love the little holiday packs that Michael's has, these were only a dollar or two and perfect for a holiday craft. I'm thinking of adding magnets to the back to put on the fridge to hold up their artwork.

After Greg got home, we headed to the park. It was nice out and since I only have school on Mondays and Wednesdays and the boys are out Good Friday, I felt that it was our first day of spring break. We went to a park that we haven't been to in awhile that the boys call the turtle park (Columbia county park) We brought some bread and walked down to feed the turtles. We spotted a big one that we've never seen there before. It's filled with tons and tons of little turtles, like the one that's on the big ones back, but we've never seen a big one like that before. It was as big as the ones at the zoo. I'm glad we were the only ones out there because we were all way too excited about seeing this large turtle. haha. I'm sure if somebody else would have heard the 4 of us talking about it as much as we were, they would have thought we were crazy!!

Greg and the boys on the gazebo throwing bread into the water.

The boys played on the playground for a little while.

Thursday was the first Evans Towne Farmer's Market of the season. They hold it at the park every Thursday evening until fall. It's not very big, but it's fun to walk through if we're there anyways.

They had a kids booth set up for kids to learn more about a new food. They'll do a new food each week and it's such a fun way for kids to try new things. They start out talking about the food and showing them what it looks like. The vegetable this week was radishes, which Evan LOVES, but Carter doesn't.

Then, they showed the boys how to take off the leaves and helped them cut it into slices. They had them each take a bite of it plain and asked them about how it tasted. Carter still didn't like it, but it was great that he was willing to give it another chance, knowing he's never liked them.

Then, they made a quick recipe with it for the kids to try it in something. For the radishes, they took cream cheese and put it on a cracker and then topped it with the sliced radishes. They had the boys take a bite and talked about how it tasted different this way than it did plain. Both boys tried it, which I was happy about, but Carter still didn't like it. I think this is such a great idea, though and I'm going to try and time our trips to the park to be on days of the Farmer's market. I think it's such a great way to introduce kids to new foods. It definitely reminds me that I need to involve the boys more in the kitchen if I want them to try and like new things.

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