Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekend Recap & Easter

Saturday morning was the first Saturday of the month and that meant a kids workshop at Home Depot.

I got the nails started for Evan's project and then tried to help him hammer them all the way in and he informed me that Greg was letting Carter do it by himself and that he could do it himself too. So, I let him and he did great. These are simple, kids projects, but I think the boys are really learning a lot from these.

Greg helping Carter with his.

The finished product, a cute little pot holder--perfect for spring.

After Home Depot, we went out for Mexican. It was delicious. It had been a couple months since we've gone out for lunch, so it was nice.

After lunch, Greg came home and took a nap and the boys and I ran some errands. We stopped at Cracker Barrel because I wanted to check out the store and see if they had any cute Easter or spring decorations.

The boys were very excited to play this game out front.

It was the perfect bargaining tool, "if y'all are good while I look in the store real quick, you can play the game when we leave" :) worked great, the boys were really good in the store.

Easter Sunday, we did the Easter baskets and egg hunt and then my parents came over for lunch. The weather was gorgeous, so the boys played in the back yard while my parents were over. I didn't get any pictures of the Easter baskets, egg hunt, lunch, family, etc. So, I wanted just one picture of the boys together. Sigh. All it takes is for one of them to do something silly and it's all over, they're both laughing and being silly. I actually like a lot of these outtakes, they're cute and show the boys personality. Even if I didn't appreciate it while it was happening. ;)

I think it's hard to tell from the picture, but the print on Evan's shirt matches the print on Carter's shorts. If only I had a dark grey polo shirt, they would have coordinated perfectly. I didn't pick out their outfits until the night before.

After my parents left, we took the boys to Pendleton Park. (you can read about our previous trips there here and here)It was so beautiful out, so we had to take advantage of it. We haven't been to this park in awhile and the boys just love it. It actually ended up being pretty busy. There were some birthday parties and Easter parties going on.

The boys love this tank. I love that they're able to climb all over it and explore it.

Evan was just so tickled to be here.

It was cute to see them on there together. Carter has such a great imagination, as soon as he got up there with evan, they were pretending they were shooting and driving and all kinds of stuff.

All the kids that were at the park were really sweet. The boys played with a sweet girl on the tank for awhile. Greg and I got a kick out of all the girls on the tank in their fancy Easter dresses.

After playing on the tank, we walked over to the playground part. Greg and Evan loved these instruments.

Evan was able to go across the whole thing, a few times. He was so proud of himself. I looked at pictures from when we first brought them here, and he's grown so much!!! :(

The boys made another little friend while playing who asked me to take her picture! She was so cute about it, then both boys went down the slide, so it made for a cute picture.

After the boys were done at the playground, we walked down to the pond to feed the ducks and geese.

And get way too close to the water and throw anything they could get their hands on in it.

Snack break.

While we were walking, a train went by. It was so close and we thought the boys would think it was so neat, but they couldn't care less. Haha, you just never know what they're going to be excited about. We saw a pink truck coming out of CFA today and Evan acted like it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen--but a train? Eh. :)

 The pond was full of tadpoles of all different sizes. There were some really big ones, so that was fun to show the boys. We spent a lot of time looking at them and talking about them. I even got a video of them. I get as excited as the boys do about some of the nature stuff. History--ugh!! Greg can talk to them about that, but science is really fun when looking at it through a 4 year olds perspective.
The pollen the past several days has been getting to us, but the weather has been so nice. We had a great weekend and Easter. We're on spring break this week and none of us are letting the pollen keep us inside, so there's been lots of sneezing and Benadryl, but it's worth it.

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