Saturday, April 25, 2015

Before School and Backyard Water Play

I try and take pictures of the boys every morning because unless we end up doing something after school (park, play date, etc) I don't usually take pictures. I'll post them on Instagram a lot, but I like to put them on my blog too, because it'll be fun to have these for comparisons later.

Friday before school.

Saturday, it was rainy and nasty. Greg took the boys to the gym and then the indoor pool while I stayed home and did all my schoolwork that was due before my final next week. I had 3 assignments, a take home exam, and a lab practical to study for. My lab teacher offers 15 points extra credit if you donate blood or bring in cat or dog food to be donated to the local animal shelter. So, after Greg got home with the boys, we headed to Petsmart so I could get some pet food and the boys could see the animals.

Since it was Saturday, it was super busy. They had a few animal shelters there with dogs and cats that needed to be adopted and the store was full of people who were in there shopping and had their dogs with them-so the boys had a blast!

They love looking at all the fish. Who needs to drive to Atlanta for the aquarium when we can go to Petsmart for free. ;) I'm sure the employees just love when parents treat it like their own personal zoo. haha.

Checking out all the fish and frogs that they had.

Sunday was also rainy (It rained for about a week straight) but it wasn't raining when we walked into church, so I snapped our weekly "before church" picture. I have no idea what Evan is doing--they are a mess!

Monday's before school picture. It finally cleared up a little and the kids were actually able to go outside that day at school.

Carter insisted that I get a picture of his bandaid.

Carline pictures on Wednesday.

I had to post this one because they look so cute and happy in it.

And then they insisted on a silly face picture.

Wednesday, it was beautiful and sunny. Greg had to work late, so the boys and I went outside from the time they got home from school until it was time for dinner. They wanted to play in the water table and I needed to clean some stuff off to sell, so they changed into their bathing suits and played in the water.

I emptied out their cheap, bucket that I store toys in and filled it with water and they had the best time playing in it.

I washed off a few things that they don't use anymore and listed them online. I'm trying to get rid of everything we don't use before moving. It'd be much easier to load it up and take it all to Goodwill, but it's worth the extra effort of taking pictures, listing it and selling it.

I have to roll the boys new summer shorts because they're a little big and too long, so Carter has started doing it with all his shorts, pants, underwear, bathing suits, pjs, etc.. Haha, these are last year's bathing suits, but he still insisted that they be rolled and pulled up all the way. :)

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