Sunday, April 26, 2015

Columbia County Park

Last Tuesday, I took the boys to the park for a picnic and some play time. I thought about going somewhere, like the zoo, but then the boys slept late and we decided to just have a lazy morning. We stayed in our pjs for most of the morning and took our time getting ready and out of the house. We had a few errands to run and the boys were really good, so we went by Sonic afterwards and got some lunch and took it to the park.

The boys ate and then ran and played. There were a few other kids there that they ended up playing with.

They love anything they can climb. That's really where they go anytime we're at the park now--monkey bars, rock climbing walls, etc.

Taking a quick drink break.

The boys were running on this thing and told me they were "doing their exercises" they said they were doing it just like daddy does at the gym. :)

We went and fed the turtles and then the boys ran around on the stage.

They had a great time just running around. Evan did fall and scrape both his hands and his knees, but calmed down as soon as he found out that I had Monster bandaids with me.

I took the boys home and then went with my sister to go visit my parents at the hospital. My dad had knee surgery and had to stay a few nights, so we went up to hang out for a little bit. While I was gone, the boys played the back yard while Greg grilled out. So, I came home to a cooked meal and two very worn out boys who were happy to take a shower and go to bed-a sign of a fun day!

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