Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bounce-N-Play, Parks and Treats

It's been over a week since I've updated my blog and I don't even have a fun or exciting reason why. The boys were taking turns last week not napping and it's during their naps that I update my blog, catch up on emails, etc. Our gym membership expired in January and we decided to renew it last Tuesday, so I've been extra tired from working out, so I haven't been blogging at night. I'm so glad to have the gym membership back and I think the little break we had helped us realize how important it is.

Last week, I took the boys to Bounce-N-Play by myself. I haven't done that in awhile because now that they're big enough to play on everything, it's hard to keep track of both of them. But, we decided to try it out and it went fine. They had a blast!

They actually stuck together more than they ever have, which worked out nicely for me.

It doesn't matter which one wakes up first in the morning or from nap, they are always so excited to go get the other one up. I try and take the one that wakes up downstairs to play, but sometimes, they run in the other bedroom and wake up who ever is sleeping. And neither of them usually mind when they get woke up by the other one, they're always so happy to see each other. Sometimes, they still need a little time to wake up and like to hang out in their rooms and read or just play in their bed.

One day last week, Carter skipped his nap and after Evan woke up, we decided to go to the park. Carter fell asleep before we got there.

The boys had such a good time at the park that day (after we woke Carter up from his little car nap)

It was chilly, but Evan took his sweater off while we were there. He did not want to wear it. We insisted when we first got out of the car, but we weren't at the park long and they were running around, so when he took it off while playing, we just didn't worry about it.
Last Friday, I was recovering from our leg workout the day before. I was so sore! It was cold and the boys were getting antsy around the house, so I went to the gym, dropped them off at the Kidzone (which they love) and went to the café with my ipad and planner and just enjoyed a little time to myself. The boys have friends that go to the Kidzone that were there that day, so I didn't feel bad about them spending a little time in there. We actually ended up going to Chick-Fil-A afterwards with some friends we saw at the gym.

We decided to hide Easter eggs on Saturday since the weather was nice and it was calling for rain on Sunday. We invited the boys friend, Konnor, and his mom (and baby brother) over to look for eggs. The boys quickly lost interest in the eggs and started playing in the dirt. :) They are definitely all boy.

I gave the boys Peeps before the egg hunt (the pictures are out of order) and they LOVED them. I've never had a Peep and was going to try a small bite of the boys, but they liked them so much, I figured I'd try them another time.

I also made banana cookies. It's 2-3 ripe bananas, 1 cup of oats and then you can mix in anything you want. I mixed in some mini chocolate chips (I found a brand that isn't manufactured in a peanut plant-yay!) and the boys liked them, but they were messy!

That pretty much sums up last week, in pictures. I spent the boys nap yesterday looking up all the fun things we can do when the weather warms up. I got out my planner and wrote down everything- The Dogwood Festival, farmer's markets, splash parks, pools, zoos, etc. It's supposed to warm up here in a few days, it's calling for temps in the 60's and I'm so ready. We all are. I'm getting a little tired of the same ol' same ol'--bounce-n-play, chick-fil-a, playing around the house, etc. I'm excited to do some outdoor activities. Hopefully, we can switch it up a little this weekend and I can have some new things to blog about. :)

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