Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Sunday, it was definitely feeling like spring! The boys played outside in the yard before their nap and Evan wore his fleece but Carter just had on short sleeves and was fine. It was nice.
During the boys' nap, I went to Homegoods. It was their grand opening. It was insane! It was like Black Friday. I had never been to one but always wanted to go. It's like TJ Maxx (or Marshall's/Ross) for home d├ęcor. I love it! I can't wait to go back when it's not so busy and browse a little more.

After their naps, we took them to the park to enjoy the spring weather. Everybody else had the same idea, which worked out good because the boys had other kids to play with.

This girl decided to play "restaurant" with Evan. She had him go to that side of the park so she could walk him to his table. It was so cute. Evan did everything she said and loved it!

Then she took Evan and another little girl's order. It was too cute. Evan ordered a water to drink and a lollipop. haha.

I love this picture of the boys resting at the park.

There were several people flying kites and Carter loved seeing them up in the sky.

Monday, we had our moms of multiples play date. I was so excited because it was warm and sunny out, so we got to play outside. The mom who hosted has such a great backyard with so much to do.

Everybody is in short sleeves and enjoying the warm weather and this one insisted on wearing his winter hat. He found it that morning and put it on and refused to take it off. Greg actually took it off Carter while he was napping and hid it and when he woke up, he had forgotten about it.

The kids had so much fun!

I love this sandbox. It's so big and has tons of great toys.

Carter loved just walking this bike around.

The host made these healthy muffins that the kids gobbled up like they were starving. She cut them into pieces and the kids were making sure they had a piece in each hand. They were begging for more! It was insane. We were all telling the kids that they needed to put the one they weren't eating down, so Carter takes a bite out of both muffins he had in his hands. Haha, I guess so he was technically "eating" both of them.

Well, that was our spring. ;) haha. It was kinda short lived because the next day it was in the high 80's and then Wednesday it was in the 90's! Everybody is saying we went from winter to summer. I don't care if it's spring or summer, as long as it's not winter, I'm happy.

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