Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dogwood Festival

Saturday morning, we went downtown for the first farmer's market of the season. We stopped at 7-11 on the way and I got a skinny salted caramel mocha. Mmm....and it was much cheaper than getting one at Starbucks.
I didn't get any pictures of the farmer's markets because it was so crazy. We got the boys a muffin and then went on the downtown mall and walked around. There was a half marathon and marathon going on, and the finish line was on the downtown mall. There was a dj playing music who stopped and announced who was coming across the finish line. The boys loved dancing to the music and then clapping for the runners when they finished. We went ahead and took the boys to the Discovery Museum since we were right there and it also meant that we got our parking validated. ;)

The boys rode the carousel after the museum. As soon as it started going, they started saying "yeehaw!" like Woody from Toy Story.

A little drawing on the Freedom of Speech wall.

I love the downtown mall area, it's pretty and always fun to walk around.

After the boys naps, we went to McIntire Park for the Dogwood Festival. We weren't sure what to expect, but I knew there'd be rides. There's a playground right there, so I figured if there wasn't anything to do for the boys, they could always play at the park. It turned out to basically be a fair with the typical fair rides and games. The boys were so excited about seeing all the rides.

They didn't know what to think. We went at the perfect time, the weather was great and there was hardly anybody there.

The boys saw this fun house with a slide and wanted to go on it. Greg went to go get two tickets for each of them to go on it and came back with 24 tickets so that they could ride some rides.

I cannot believe the boys are big enough for fair rides now. I wasn't sure how they'd do, I actually mentally prepared myself for them to start crying and the carnival worker having to stop the ride for them. We gave the man their tickets and he took them from the entrance and put them in the ride and buckled them in. I was so nervous, but they were so excited. They loved it! Carter started smiling and laughing and just got the biggest kick out of it. Evan had such a focused look on his face, we think he actually thought he was "driving".

We had the best time watching them, I think it was just as fun for us watching them as it was for them riding the rides. It's so fun getting to watch them go through their "firsts"

The next ride they rode was this motorcycle ride. They thought they were something!

They just looked so cute and grown up on that thing.

They had a real carousel that we let them ride. I got a picture of Greg with them and then I rode it with them. I thought it went fast and they thought it was so much fun. They loved looking for daddy every time we went around.

Carter took a little rest and watched some kids playing baseball.

We let the boys do the fun house one more time before we left.

There were several other rides I wanted to take them on like the ferris wheel and the huge slide that you ride down on a burlap sack, but they were too short.

Of course, they didn't want to leave, but they were so good, no tantrums or anything, but Evan insisted on wearing his hat like this as he walked to the car.

Then, he wanted to sit and take a quick break--much better than throwing a fit!

This was a picture (that uploaded out of order) that Greg took of me on the carousel. I used to love rides, I'd ride the fastest, scariest rides with no problems. I thought that carousel was so fast and I felt so sick afterwards, which made me feel so old. :(

We came home and the boys were worn out! The fair was a lot, it was loud and there was just so many things they haven't seen before. We had such a good time and I can't wait to take them to some county fairs this summer. While the boys played with Greg, I made Penne Rosa with shrimp for dinner and it was SO good!!! It was easy and healthy, it had fresh spinach, wheat pasta, shrimp, fresh mushrooms and tomatoes and you added Greek yogurt to make it creamy. I'll definitely post the recipe later this week.
Saturday was such a fun day. I love getting out and doing things and the weather was nice. I love it when the boys have such a great time like they did at the fair. Greg and I talked about all the things we're looking forward to doing with the boys, like taking them to their first fireworks, going to the zoo, going to Disneyland one day, etc. It can be a little sad when the boys are able to do something for the first time because it means they're growing up, but it's also so much fun.

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