Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

I haven't been good about updating my blog lately. Evan was waking up between 4-5 almost every morning plus naptime hasn't been going as good as it was, so I haven't had much free time lately. Hopefully, we'll get our good sleepers back soon!

Saturday 4/13

The weather has been all over the place, one day it'll be warm, spring weather, then hot enough to play outside in water, then freezing cold, it's just all over the place. Last Saturday was nice, so we took the boys to the park.

Greg and the boys at Pen Park.

Greg is as bad as the boys, I saw "cheese" and this is what I get.

On the way to the park, I got stopped by some yard sales to see if I could get a couple of inexpensive things to have in the yard for the boys to play with this summer. When we got home from the park, they had a snack on the porch, while I washed off our new things.

That table with chairs was $3.00 and the play kitchen was $5.00!!! Can you believe that? I was on such a high from getting those great deals, I just wanted to drive to every yard sale in the state!

These will be perfect for playing outside. I'm just so excited.

We also got the boys two cheap riding toys. Their bikes are at my parents house, but I wanted them to have something until we make our next trip down to Georgia. They have a Little People Bus and Fire truck that they got from Brandi for their first birthday, but they still use those so much, that I didn't want to bring them outside. So, Greg looked on his bulletin board at work and got one of these for free and I got the other one for $2.00 at the yard sale. they're perfect for the boys to have something to ride in the yard and we don't have to worry about leaving them out there or them getting wet/dirty. At the end of the summer we can toss or donate them.

This is what they like to do on their slides. They like to climb up and then jump off.


You can see how tired these boys are, getting up early and not taking naps started catching up with them.

We spent a little time outside in the yard on Sunday.

Evan insisted on wearing a glove he found.

My tulips are starting to bloom. I love my tulips, I just wish they were around longer.


We went to our Moms of Multiples play group on Monday, we were the only ones who made it, but we had so much fun.

As you can see, the boys enjoyed the snack. :)

Monday night, I made Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice from Skinnytaste, I'll post the recipe later this week. It was DELICIOUS!!!


I have no idea what we did on Tuesday, Evan was waking up early and I was getting more and more exhausted. The boys had school and I cleaned the kitchen. I scrubbed the cabinets, cleaned the chairs, the floors, the stainless steel, etc. But, that's all I remember from that day.

Wednesday during the day, I take the boys to the gym while Greg is at work. I work out and take a shower at the gym. So, Wednesday afternoons, we have free to go the park, run errands, etc. We let the boys go outside and I don't know if they got wet from rain in the water table or what, but then they convinced Greg to spray them and they had a blast!

I love this picture, the boys love getting sprayed with the hose.

Both boys were ready for more.

After awhile, greg just hooked up the sprinkler so the boys could play in the water themselves.

They love to hold it and spray each other instead of running through it.

One of my favorite pictures! Getting a little drink.

My yellow tulips come up first and then the purples and blacks.

After playing in the water, we dried the boys off, changed them into new clothes and went to Taco Bell for dinner. You can't really tell, but they're both sitting in this chair, they insisted on sharing a chair.


Another early morning with Evan.

This was Carter before going to school. It was pitiful. I think he was waking up early because Evan was waking up early. He can only sleep so long after Evan wakes up because of all the noise.

But, you wouldn't have known they were tired at school. they were so excited. This is them peeking into their classroom window when we got there. They love when their friends pull up in their cars, they say their names and jump up and down.
Thursday evening after we got home from the gym and had dinner, we were all playing in the front room and the boys were being so cute! They both had worn their hats to the gym and kept them on the whole time. Carter insists on wearing his backwards. When we started playing in the front room, they put on their tool belts and had me tell them what each tool was and what it did. They were so cute playing with them.

Here they are fixing daddy. :)

Look at that serious look of concentration. When I told them a saw was for cutting, they decided to "cut" my hair with it. So, he's concentrating on that.

I love these little tool belts. They're soft and I got them from IKEA awhile ago, I gave them to the boys on their 2nd birthday and they didn't like the belt, so I'm glad they're using them now.

Taking a little break from handyman work to play some basketball (his favorite sport!)

Such a cutie.
Greg had Friday off, so I'll do a separate post on our weekend and then I'll be caught up.

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