Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello, Summer!

I don't know if we're having a heat wave or if spring was just really short this year, but as long as it's not winter, I'm happy. This was the forecast for Wednesday!

I was pretty excited for Wednesday because the weather was supposed to be so warm, I knew we could go outside and play. Evan decided to wake up at 5:00! He's been getting up earlier and earlier and it's been so exhausting. But, he was happy watching tv on my ipad in my bed while I got ready.

Evan was exhausted from waking up so early and we had just got "Mater's Tall Tales" from Netflix, so I let the boys watch it while I relaxed on the couch did something productive. They are obsessed with this movie. It's only 30 minutes, which is nice.

I had some errands to run on Wednesday morning. The boys were on spring break all last week, so the house work has piled up, so while they're at preschool, I've been trying to get the house in order. We've been going to the gym in the afternoons most days, so there's really not much time to run errands by myself and we had things we absolutely needed, so I took them with me. Their limit is usually one store and only if I'm fast and feed them snacks the whole way, I ended up having to go to 3 different stores, but there was only one meltdown in one store-so I consider the trip a success.
How cute are the boys in their hats? Carter wears his backwards and I think it looks so adorable. See the fruit snacks in their hands? I was prepared. :)
Our Kroger got ride of the carts with the cars on the front and replaced them with these mini carts that kids can push. These are the cutest things if you only have one kid with you, but they can be a nightmare with two twin toddlers. You have to pass them when you get in the store, so the boys would have pitched a fit to use them, so I just went ahead and let them have before we went in. I posted this pic on Facebook and somebody made a comment about how impressed she was that they would push the carts and she couldn't take her twins shopping like that. I love when other bloggers and mothers are real, so  I thought I should probably share how our little trip in Kroger went. Evan thinks that cart equals freedom and took off as soon as we got inside, pushing that thing 100 miles an hour, so I had to chase him and tell him to listen or I'd take it away. While, I'm trying to keep Evan from escaping, Carter starts wandering off. This happens, like 10 times. Finally, I feel like I've given Evan enough chances and decide to carry him through the store and not let him push his own cart. He's crying and begging for his cart back and I'm carrying him and trying to get Carter to follow me. Carter is being slow as molasses, but he's listening really well and not running off, so I feel it's only fair to remain calm with him and let him continue pushing his cart. I needed like, 5 items, but I feel like we were in that store forever! When we got to the checkout, Carter actually unloaded all the groceries from his cart onto the belt--it was too cute. I would have got a picture, if I wasn't juggling Evan, trying to get out my Kroger card, pay, beg Carter to keep pushing the cart because he was standing right in somebody's way. Oh, it was stressful. But, we made it out and drove the mile to Sam's Club with both of them screaming their heads off. Carter was mad because I told him we had one more store to go to. But, I had a small bag of skittles that I bought at Target just in case, and as soon as they saw it, they calmed down. Thank goodness Sam's Club has double carts!! We were in and out without any problems. Sorry to get so long winded, I just don't want y'all to think that I intentionally leave that stuff out or just post happy pictures like everything is super easy.
But, I love this picture and looking at it just makes me think how cute they are and how grown up they look. I try and block out the tantrum. haha.

When we got home, I opened the water table I got at Target and put the boys in their bathing suits and let them play. There are a million pictures of our outdoor play, but I was just so happy it was warm and they just look so cute to me.

They love the water table!

After awhile of playing on the water table, they wanted me to spray them with the water hose. How could I say "no"?
So much fun!

They loved splashing around. They like to splash in the bath, but we have to stop them when they get too wild (or else the entire bathroom would be soaked) so they just loved being able to splash as much and as hard as they wanted.

This is Carter's "it's cold face" He makes that face when the water is cold and it's so funny to me.

Look how happy they are. I love Evan's smile.

After Greg got home, I went to meet somebody off Craigslist to get two slides and a picnic table. It was an incredible deal and several other people had also emailed her, but I was first. Yay! I want the boys to have plenty to do outside this summer. The slides were a hit!!

But...the picnic table. When I was loading everything up, I was just concerned that everything would fit in the van. I felt the picnic table move, but I just figured it was loose, and we could just tighten it when we got home. But, after I got home, Greg saw that it was missing a plastic piece. Womp, womp. I'm convinced that we can do something to fix it, I need to mess around with it this weekend.

Even if we can't fix it (which I'm sure we can) the two slides were still a good deal. It was definitely good that we got two. They love going up at the same time and then saying "Ready, set, go!' and going down at the same time.

Greg got the sprinkler out for the boys. The dashboard on the van said 98 degrees when I went to pick up the slides. I don't know if it was quite that hot, but it was definitely in the 90's.

The boys loved the sprinkler.
I just love getting their reactions to this, they're so happy. I wish I had brought my good camera outside, but all these were taken on my phone.

Carter started picking up the sprinkler and spraying Evan with it and Evan would say "more, more"

I thought for sure all that outdoor play would wear the boys out and Evan would sleep nice and late Thursday morning. But...he woke up at 4:45! So...early....

He's still tired, because he gets in my bed and watches the ipad, but once he's up, he's up. He's been like that since he was an infant, once he wakes up in the morning, he can't go back to sleep.

I tried to get a picture of the boys after school on Thursday and this is what he did.

I got these flowers at Trader Joe's on Sunday. I have never bough fresh flowers and I love having them. The boys are old enough that I can have stuff like this out and not worry (too much) about them getting into it. (knock on wood) and these just make me so happy every time I walk by them.
**since I wrote this, Evan has decided to suck down half a tube of toddler toothpaste. I had to call Poison Control just to make sure it was ok (it is) So...I probably shouldn't get too attached to my flowers. :( Nothing is safe around toddlers.

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