Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feeling Like Spring

Friday, Greg was off and it was finally sunny and warm. Greg has had allergies/cold all week, so I took the boys to the gym in the morning and he stayed home and rested. After the gym, we all met for lunch at Taco Bell and let the boys play-they had a blast. Our Taco Bell has a fresca menu that they don't have listed, you just have to know what's on it, but it's a lowfat menu and the stuff is really good!

The boys played so hard at Taco Bell. We were there for about an hour. They always make friends while we're there and they have the best time chasing/being chased. There were some older girls there that were so sweet to them and played along to being chased by them.

After the boys naps, we went cleaned out Evan and Carter's sandbox. We had left the lid off a couple of times when it rained and it was just a wet, disgusting mess. We (and by we, I mean, Greg) dumped it, sprayed it out and dried it. Then we headed to Lowe's to get some sand to put in it. The weather was so nice that we rode with the sun roof down and the boys loved it! They always love going to Lowe's because of their fun carts.

We got home and the boys played in their sandbox while Greg grilled steaks for our version of Chipotle burrito bowls (healthified ;) After dinner, Greg was feeling worn out, so he took it easy and I played with the boys in the yard.

You can see how much sand is out of the sandbox already. I think we may go through a couple of bags this summer.

Of course, after all that work of getting the sandbox ready, the boys decided they'd rather play in the dirt. ;)

They found rocks, big dirt piles to break up, etc.

Also, Evan picked me my first flower as a mom. Awww......

Then, Evan got an alligator sand toy and decided to chase Carter with it.


He attacked mommy's leg.

They were just loving being outside and running around.

Then, the neighbors were outside with their kids and the boys played with their girls through the fence. They got more energy out screaming, hollering, and running back and forth with those girls!

They had so much fun. The younger one kept saying "I love Evan and Carter" Aww... It was so sweet. I should probably get used to the ladies saying how much they love Evan and Carter-because, really, look at them, what's not to love. ;)

After the boys went to bed, Greg started watching "Spartacus" Blah! So, I decided to try out some Pinterest inspired nails (after consulting with my sister-who knows much more about nail polish than me) I think these nails are so "springy" Mine don't look anything like the picture, I need to work on my polishing skills, but I was excited to have my nails polished with some spring colors.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that it finally feels like spring here. It's calling for several days of sunny spring weather this week and I'm so thankful.

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