Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Friends

What a great week. Thanks to my sweet friends, Emily and Elena, I have already started my collection of baby stuff. I'm so excited.

I work with another pregnant girl, Elena, who is about 2.5 months ahead of me. She is pregnant with a little girl and already has a 2 year old boy. Over the weekend, she went through all of her boy stuff that her son has outgrown, bagged it up for me, and brought it to me at work on Monday. I could not believe how much stuff she brought me! Her entire trunk was packed full of clothes. She has such great tastes in clothes, so I could not wait to go through it when I got home. We had to take a picture, there are clothes all over the couch, floor, etc. and the biggest bag of them all isn't even unpacked yet. I thought that was so sweet of her and am so thankful for all the cute little clothes, shoes, blankets, etc. that she gave me. She also gave me a baby farm animals lamp, since that's the theme I'm considering for the nursery. So sweet!

Please excuse my outfit, I'm so tired after working all day that I just come home, pull my hair back and put on the most comfortable, warmest outfit I can find. That sweater is 15 years old! No joke, it's from the 1995 World Series! But, it's so comfy, I can't part with it.

My friend Emily told me as soon as she found out that I was pregnant that she wanted to get me something that she loved when she had her son, Aiden. I wanted to wait until I was 3 months along before I bought anything, so she waited too. When I texted her from the doctor's office about my ultrasound and that I was having twins, she wrote back that she is now sending my present. I expected it to be an item that she found extremely helpful, maybe a book, a boppy, a certain brand of pacifer that she liked. So, imagine my surprise when I open my package and find this:

A VERA BRADLEY DIAPER BAG AND BOTTLE CARRIER!! I am so excited. I love Vera Bradley but I don't own a single Vera Bradley item. *I've always hoped my sister who has tons of Vera Bradley items would think of me when she gets tired of a pattern and gets new ones, that she could pass her old ones on to me. I know you're reading this Caroline. ;)* I cannot believe she got me this! I can't wait to use it. Thanks so much, Emily.

I've had a great pregnancy (besides being exhausted) but something I'm definitely having is cravings! All I want is homecooked, southern meals. Anything that my mom or dad made when I was growing up, anything Paula Deen, etc. So, I'm trying some new recipes and I'll post the ones that turn out good on here.

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