Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Greg's Surprise Birthday Party

Greg turned 30 on Friday and I threw him a surprise party. I've been planning this since June and I think it turned out great. I called his co-workers back in June to make sure he worked the 10-6 shift to make sure everybody had plenty of time to get to our house before he got home. Somebody even called him with a pretend problem so he would have to stay until 6:00. He was truly surprised which was a first because I have the biggest mouth and it's impossible for me to keep a secret, but somehow I managed. It was so worth it, he was surprised and had a great time.

This is Greg in his birthday apron from my sister, Caroline, wearing his birthday shot necklace and drinking out of his birthday mug.

I made way to much food including this "Might Meaty Nacho" dip I got from Kevin and Amanda.com. It's so good! It's one of my favorite appetizers.

It was a little humid when the party started but it cooled off fast.

A birthday shot glass necklace.

Greg's birthday mug.

Noise makers I got for us to blow when Greg got home.

Balloons I got from the dollar tree. They were out of the regular "Happy Birthday" so I was happy to get some "Over the Hill" balloons since he was turning The Big 3-0!

Greg owns a mullet wig and somehow always comes out when we're drinking.

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