Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know I'm doing my Christmas post a little late, but since we were out of town, I'm a little behind. We left for Tucson the Sunday before Christmas to visit Greg's side of the family and came back Christmas night on the redeye at 11:55pm. Greg's friend, Alex, was also in town. Alex was a foreign exchange student from Mexico when Greg was in high school and lived with him for a year. He also stayed with Greg's parents while we were there and it was great to see him.

This Greg, Alex, and his older brother Eric, looking guilty.

Greg, his little brother, Brian, his older brother, Eric, and his "mexican brother" Alex.

Another person I was excited to see? My favorite nephew, Ian. He just turned 2 on December 1 and it cute as a button. I could not get enough of him. His parents (Greg's brother & sister-in-law) are expecting their 2nd child at the end of June and cannot wait to meet him or her.

Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Greg blowing on his stomach, he got a kick out of it.

Greg and Ian.

While we were in, I was also able to meet up with my good friend, Brandi for a quick lunch. She brought her little brother and sister and her sister's two boys, Maximus and Bexton. They were so cute and well behaved. Brandi and I have been friends since 6th grade and it's great when we're able to meet up. My camera was dead, so I took these pictures on my phone.

The pictures didn't turn out that great because the phone took forever to take pictures. By the time the camera took the picture, my smile had faded and so it looks super fake.

Some other people we were able to see while we were in were Greg's good friend Aaron, and his wife and son Nathan. Greg has known Aaron since he was little and we always have a good time when we see them.

We were also able to see his friend Adrian and his wife and little girl, Gracie. I didn't get any pictures of Greg and Adrian but I did snap a few of his precious little girl. Greg thought she was the cutest thing ever! It was very sweet to see him with her.

We had a good time in Tucson, but we've decided that next year we are going to spend Christmas at our house. We've never spent Christmas at our house, we've always traveled for Christmas either to see his family or mine and we'd love to finally host Christmas.

I can't write a post about Christmas without mentioning the Christmas gift that Greg got me--an ipod touch! I love it. It was so perfect for the trip, I watched an episode of Glee on the plane, I was able to check my facebook at the airport, and it holds a ton of music. I am going to be getting a lot of use out of it.

Well, I hope everybody had a great Christmas. I'll be posting several Weight Watcher recipes this week. Time to get back on track after all the holidays.

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