Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year! I just realized I haven't posted since December 13th. I can't believe it's been that long. We've been very busy with the holidays and traveling. I'll post more on that later. Today I thought it'd be fun to list my To Do list for this year. Instead of resolutions, I decided I'd pick some fun things that I've been wanting to do along with some things that I need to get done and make a to do list for this year.

2010 To Do List
* Read all the books that I own, I have so many books that I've bought and still haven't read. This year, I'm making the time to sit down and read them.

* Scrapbook-specifically, I'd like to complete our wedding scrapbook.

* Try Yoga

* Take a Photography Class

* Start learning spanish

* Go to the Smithsonian museum & zoo

* Donate money to a charity

* Take more pictures, especially when I'm visiting family and of our local town. I'd like to get some good pictures of where we live to post on Kelly's Korner for her Show Us Your Life-Show us where you live post.

* Update Blog regularly, at least 4 times a week

* Get CPR certified

* Do Project 365 where you take a picture every single day for an entire year. I tried it last year and got off track a week or so into it. I think it'd be so great to have a photo diary of the entire year.

* Grown an herb garden on our deck

* Take a salsa dance class

* Bake a red velvet cake

* Get professional pictures taken

* Watch an Audrey Hepburn movie--I can't believe I haven't seen one.

* Read an autobiography

* Fill our wine rack with local wines. I only have 9 spaces left.

* Start a recipe blog. I love to cook

* Send cards to friends and family for no reason

* Paint the computer room, dining room, living room, master bedroom & master bathroom
I hope everybody has a great year. I can't wait to get started on my 2010 to do list.

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