Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Banished to the Basement

Yesterday we decided to move Evan's crib to the basement. Carter has been sleeping through the night for about a week now and Evan is still waking up at 3:00. We are so happy to have one baby sleeping through the night and we don't want to mess that up, so we've decided to seperate the boys at night until Evan is sleeping through the night also. Since you can hear Evan in the nursery from pretty much anywhere in the house, we had no option but to move him down to the basement. Greg moved the crib and the rocker down to the guest bedroom yesterday and slept down there last night. It was rough. Greg thinks the boys have a twin bond and missed each other last night because neither one of them slept very well. Tonight I'll be sleeping in the basement with Evan and Greg will be upstairs with Carter. I hate seperating them and also us. We really work as a team at night and when half your team is 2 floors away, it makes it a little harder. Hopefully Evan will start sleeping through the night soon and we can move his crib back to the nursery. We're really, really looking forward to both boys sleeping through the night. After they start sleeping through the night they should start getting on a more regular schedule, which I'm very much looking forward to.

Evan's new room. It's a little messy, we just tried to grab the things we thought we might need at night and pushed all the stuff that's normally in there to the side.

The nursery, looking so empty. So sad.

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