Saturday, January 1, 2011

101 in 1001

I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago and last year I had a new year’s resolution list/things I wanted to complete before I turned 28, but found out I was pregnant before New Year’s Eve and that meant that I had another list to work on—things to do before the babies arrive. While I was pregnant I really got into reading blogs, since I didn’t really have the energy to do much more than that. I found something called “101 in 1001” on several blogs. It’s a list of a 101 things that you want to do in 1001 days. It’s more manageable and realistic than a resolution list. The ones I looked at had things ranging from personal goals, fun trips to go on, things to do with the family, things to do for others, etc. I thought it’d be so fun to have a 101 list, so after the boys were born I came up with my own. I got so many great ideas from some of the blogs I looked at, if you want to see those lists you can go here, here, or here. I’ve already managed to cross off some of my list which really makes me happy. I’m not going to be unrealistic, if something comes up that makes it impossible to complete something on my list, I have a list of a few backups to replace it with so that way I’m still completing 101 things that I want/need to do.

Here’s my list:
1. Have date night with greg once a month
2. Take a picture of me and Greg once a month
3. Complete project 365
4. Read all the books I own (1/22)
5. Read the bible
6. Join a church
7. Eat at Lady & Sons
8. Scrapbook—make a retirement scrapbook for my dad, our wedding, our house, and the boys first year (0/4)
9. See a Marilyn Monroe or a Audrey Hepburn movie
10. Vote in a midterm election
11. Stop cussing
12. Blog at least 5 days a week
13. Learn to make a good homemade pizza
14. Write a new “about me” for my blog
15. Get a professional background for my blog
16. Make a full southern meal of chicken fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, biscuits, sweet tea and red velvet cake—all homemade
17. Tailgate
18. Follow an entire season of SEC football including watching almost every UGA game
19. Make a scrapbook calendar
20. Move to Georgia
21. Join MDO
22. Let somebody other than family babysit the boys before they’re 9 months old
23. Do month pictures and blog posts of the boys
24. Make a photobook from Shutterfly
25. Organize all pictures-digital and print
26. Take pictures of boys in all their outfits
27. Get canvas pictures of the boys
28. Go to a MOM meeting
29. Go one week without tv
30. Take a cake decorating class
31. Take a creative class at Michaels’, Joanne’s, etc
32. Take a fun class at PVCC
33. Learn to make personalized shirts
34. Go to a vineyard
35. Try at least 3 new restaurants
36. Start learning Spanish
37. Learn how to make a Starbucks tasting frappachino at home
38. Practice making and decorating cookies
39. Cook thanksgiving dinner
40. Spend Christmas at our house
41. Host family for a holiday
42. Go to a concert
43. Go to an outlet mall
44. Complete a crossword puzzle
45. Learn to make sushi
46. Watch a documentary
47. Read a biography
48. Go to a ballgame
49. Go to a free cooking class at whole foods
50. Try 5 new Paula Deen(2/5), Neely’s(0/5) and Pioneer Woman(0/5) recipes
51. Fine a new wine that I like
52. Win something

For Evan and Carter
53. Start a college fund for Evan and Carter
54. Get the boys baptized
55. Get involved in a playgroup
56. Take the boys to the beach
57. Take the boys to Arizona
58. Take the boys to the zoo
59. Start a book collection for the boys
60. Start a family tradition for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter
61. Go on family walks once a week, weather permitting
62. Enroll boys in at least one semester of “The Little Gym”
63. Enroll boys in swimming lessons
64. Get or make the boys personalized shirts
65. Get the boys into a Sunday school
66. Get the boys pictures done professionally every 3 months, including at least one set outdoors 67. Take the boys to a county fair

For my (& my family’s) health
68. Join gym as a family
69. Try at least 3 exercise classes at the gym
70. Cut out soda at home
71. Eat vegetarian one day a week
72. Eat more fresh food instead of packaged
73. Try and buy local produce and shop at farmers markets
74. Start working out on a regular basis
75. Lose 50lbs
76. Floss daily
77. Complete a couch to 5k program
78. Use my DCC workout dvds for 2 weeks, min of 3 days a week

For others
79. pay for the person behind me in the drive through
80. donate money to a charity
81. Sponsor an angel tree child for Christmas
82. Send a care package to a soldier
83. Donate 10,000 grains of rice through
84. Call and give compliment for good service

For the house or finances
85. Add pictures to all the frames in the house
86. Start using coupons
87. Paint the computer room
88. Start a vegetable/herb garden
89. Print pictures
90. Make a menu plan and grocery shop efficiently
91. clean/organize scrapbooking room, computer room, master closet, and basement (0/4)
Decorate the house for the following holidays: Easter, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July
92. Put something in master bath nook
93. Change outdoor flag for every month (0/12)
94. Get new plates/glasses
95. Get a glass pitcher
96. Hang everything on the walls
97. Be in charge of the finances for 3 months
98. Get something to hang on front door year round
99. Find a house cleaning schedule that works for me

100. Take pictures of the local scenery
101. Complete my 101 list

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