Thursday, December 30, 2010


This year we decided to ask my family not to get us any gifts and to just get things for the boys and in turn they asked us to do the same. We really don't need anything this year and with two boys that need a lot of things (high chairs, toys, etc) we decided this would be the best option. I'm so glad we did it. So, one of the things I got the boys for Christmas was "Sophie the Giraffe" I read about this teether on Life With the Bonhams, she talked about how much her twin boys loved her, so I had to look into it. I read the reviews on Amazon and there were over 600 reviews talking about how this was the best teether ever. So, I spluged and got one for each of the boys. They aren't cheap for teethers, but I was sold after reading all the great things people had to say about them. I received them a week or so before Christmas, so I went ahead and gave them to the boys early.

Boys, refusing to smile.

Evan looking quite bored with his Sophie. Carter seems to like her.
I love the look on Evan's face.

Carter is enjoying it, Evan looks like he's not impressed with Sophie.

Evan finally coming around.

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