Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pictures of the Boys

I wanted to do a quick post with some pictures of the boys. They're still sweet as ever, but they've been sleeping less and less during the day, so they are keeping me very busy.

Tummy time. Evan loves tummy time and he's really good at it. He can keep his head up for the longest time. Carter on the otherhand doesn't care too much for it. This is what they look like everyday, Evan smiling and Carter refusing to lift his head. He is perfectly capable of doing it, he does it all the time while he's laying on Greg, but for some reason, he just doesn't like doing it on a blanket in the floor. I think he'll come around one of these days.

Evan trying to eat his hand but Carter decided he wanted some of that action.

Evan, staring at Carter's hand, probably thinking about trying to put it in his mouth.
Carter reaching over to grab Evan's hand.
That's when Evan takes advantage of the opportunity and grabs Carter's hand and puts it in his mouth. Those two are a mess! They sure do love their hands.
They were both so happy this morning and I had no problem catching Evan smiling, but it was not the same with Carter. It's funny because Carter is always smiling--until the camera comes out.
He's so happy, I have so many pictures that I took that day that Evan is smiling and laughing.
Evan laughing.
Proof that Carter does in fact smile, even if he's not looking at the camera.

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