Thursday, December 30, 2010

Boys' First Christmas

We had a very, nice quiet Christmas this year. It was the boys' first Christmas but they weren't quite old enough to really know what was going on. My mom came up the Monday before Christmas to help us out with the boys and my dad and sister, Caroline, came up the Thursday before Christmas. It was so nice to just spend a lowkey weekend with the family. We didn't do too much, just sat around and talked, ate some good food, and played with Evan & Carter.

We all decided instead of exhanging gifts this year, we would just buy things for the boys and I'm glad we decided to do that. They're only 4 months old, but they got a lot of toys that they can play with when they get to be around 6 months old. They also got a ton of teethers, rattles, and some books. My parents also got each of the boys a savings bond, which will definitely come in handy later (around college time). They boys also got several wonderful gifts from other family members as well as some of our friends. We also used the money we saved by not getting gifts for my family to get the boys some toys and two new high chairs now that they're starting on rice cereal and it won't be long before they're eating solid foods.

I wanted to try and be a good host and cook Christmas dinner for our guests, but when it came down to either being a good host or having good food, I decided that everybody would probably rather have good food. So, I "let" my dad take over the Christmas meal and he got up early and prepared the turkey & stuffing for us. My mom helped with dinner, the boys, and the dishes. The turkey was delicious--much better than my Thanksgiving turkey. I made some pioneer woman mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese casserole, rolls and some cheesecake for dessert. Since it was calling for quite a bit of snow and my dad and Caroline had to drive through 4 states to get home, they left right after Christmas dinner. It was sad to see them leave early, but they got home safe and sound and if they waited they would have had an awful drive home.

Of course I had Christmas outfits for the boys. They had an outfit for Christmas eve and Christmas day as well as Christmas pjs to wear on both nights. I love getting them outfits for all their "first" holidays and haven't been able to find "New Year's Day" outfits, but luckily their Aunt Caroline bought the boys each two New Year's Outfits. So, they'll have one to wear New Year's Eve and one to wear New Year's Day. (I've also found their valentine's day and st. patrick day outfits at Target already!)

I'm so excited for our future Christmases with Evan & Carter. I can't wait to see the excitement on their face on Christmas morning when they see what Santa brought them. It's going to be so much fun when they can open presents and play with the toys they got. Greg and I have always traveled for Christmas to either Georgia or Arizona to see our families, but it was so nice to spend Christmas in our own house this year. It makes me excited to start spending the holidays at our home as a family. I'm excited about starting our own traditions as a family that the boys can look forward to every year. I definitely want to do "25 Days of Christmas" with a new activity each day of December with the boys, as well picking a child off the "Angel Tree" to sponser for the holidays, bake cookies for Santa, etc. There's just so many things!

I posted our pictures on my Shutterfly account since we took several, probably too many to post here.

My poor mom was stuck taking all the pictures and didn't get any with the boys! :(

Aunt Caroline with Carter. She looked so cute! The rest of us just bummed it in our pjs.
Carter with Papaw (and an ornament from his Aunt Caroline)
Daddy and Evan, looking at a gift from Mamaw and Papaw
Me & the boys in front of the presents from Santa.

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