Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Tummy Time

I did a post on tummy time earlier this month where I talked about how good Evan was at it and how much Carter disliked it. Well, I guess Carter realized that just because he didn't love it didn't mean that I wasn't going to make him do it. So, he finally gave in and started participating. It also helps when I put Evan in front of him, it gives him something interesting to look at. Here's some pictures on how tummy time has been going lately.

So much better than he used to do! He loves looking at Evan and Evan is starting to get interested in Carter as well.

So cute!

This picture is to show off their cute pants!! Look at the monkey on the butt. So cute.
This was the day after Christmas and they were cooing and smiling at each other during tummy time. It was precious. I think they're going to be such good friends.

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