Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spider Invasion!

So, about 6-8 hours ago I posted a blog about 2 spiders, since then we've seen 3 spiders in our house! After seeing the big, fat one on the deck, I was worried sick. I kept feeling like there were spiders crawling all over me. An hour or so after seeing the 2nd one, Greg saw one by the couch. I never saw that one, so I keep telling myself it was a tiny, tiny, spider. Then, about an hour after that we saw a a pretty big skinny one in the kitchen just dangling from the ceiling. Ugh, it was awful. At that point, I was really scared to be in the living room or kitchen. It seemed like they liked the back wall of our house, so I wasn't scared of seeing them in the rest of the house. I went to the garage to get some sodas out of the fridge we have out there and my foot starts itching and burning. I look down and about an inch away from my foot is a spider that's as big as my palm!! Greg killed it seconds after I started screaming, but I'm am so freaked out right now, I can't stand it. I feel like they're everywhere, and they're not normal tiny house spiders --they're HUGE, SCARY spiders--and they're EVERYWHERE!! The bug sprayer can't come out until 2:00 on Tuesday! 64 more hours?! I don't know if I can last until then. I feel so freaked out and paranoid, I keep feeling like there are spiders on me. UGH--it's so awful. :( I hate spiders.

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  1. Cute blog!! I hate spiders, too but crickets geek me out even more! :)