Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pole Dancing

Tonight is my first night of pole dancing class. Yep--pole dancing. The girls at work were looking for a fun workout class that we could do together since we're all participating in The Biggest Loser contest at work. We all belong to different gyms so it was hard to find an aerobics or yoga class that we could all do together, so one of the nurses suggested a belly dancing or pole dancing class at a local dance studio, Shergold Studio ( The beginning pole dancing class was the first one to start so me and two other girls signed up for a 10 week class that's every Wednesday night at 8:30. Tonight is our first class and I'm so nervous. We had to come up with "stripper" names to use in class--mine is Foxy Roxy and the other two girls are Mercedes and Miss Pris. We all signed up at work and when the doctors found out we had to come up with names they had a long list of suggestions in just minutes! Hmmm... So, I will definitely keep you posted on how this class goes.

Greg and I have been busy painting the house this past month. We painted the dining room and started on the living room. We have lots of little projects we're going to try and get done this weekend. We're trying to get the house in order because my parents and my sister, Caroline are coming to visit for Easter weekend. I'm so excited. They haven't come out to visit since last July. I really hope the weather is nice Easter weekend, it's been so cold and rainy lately.
We finally got our plane tickets for Florida. We are going out to see my good friend from high school, Brian. He has lived in Florida for almost 2 years and recently got orders (he's in the Air Force) to move to New Mexico at the end of May, so we wanted to go out and visit him before he moves. We going out the first weekend in May and I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to warm weather and drinks on the beach.

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