Friday, July 16, 2010

Nursery & Bath

I spent some time Tuesday working on the nursery. I'm still far from finished, but I thought I'd go ahead and post some pictures of my progress so far. I've posted an album with all the pictures on our Shutterfly website We still need to hang the curtains, put the boys names over the cribs, finish organizing the rest of the baby stuff that's still out, put some decorative touches on the walls, etc.

Our two dresers and my comfy rocking chair.

The two cribs. I'm going to put the boys names above the cribs (if we ever decide on names), they each have matching monkey mobiles.

The long dresser that we're going to use as the changing station. There's so much wall space above the dresser. I plan to put two big canvas pictures above this dresser of the boys' newborn pictures.

The closet system that Greg installed. Still needs a little organizing, but I love it. I was lucky to get so many cute baskets for my baby shower, they are perfect for storing things. I still have several that aren't in the picture that I'm going to use in the boys' bathroom and throughout the house to store the boys things in.
Clothes! There's so many because we have two of almost of their outfits. My friend, Elena & sister-in-law Carrie both have boys that will be three at the end of the year and they handed me down their outfits that their boys have outgrown. I have filled the tall dresser with outfits that they were so nice to give me, plus I have several bins full in the basement.

We stuck with brown and blue in their bathroom as well. We didn't do that on purpose, I just found a cute shower curtain at Target that I liked and it happened to be brown and blue.
You can't really see the bottom of the shower curtain, but it has whales on it.

More uses for baskets. I got this for 50% off at Michael's. I bought two in two different sizes. I have one in the nursery as well. I think it's cute and not too girly.

I still have a lot to do before the boys get here, but I have no idea how I'm going to get it all done. Last night, we had to go to the hospital again to have my contractions stopped. The doctor said that I might have to come in several times over the next couple weeks to get them to stopped since I'm only 33 weeks along and the doctor doesn't want me going into labor before August. I was told to relax, take it easy, & stay off my feet as much as I can. I'm also supposed to stay indoors and away from the heat, and to drink plenty of water. Starting in August, I can start doing more since it won't matter if I do too much and cause myself to go into labor since I'll be so far along and the boys will be at a point where they will be completely fine when they're born. The doctor thinks that they're doing so well (and growing so big) that they would probably be fine now if I delivered them, but we're not going to take that chance. So, I'm home bored out of my mind, feeling super guilty about all the stuff that needs to be done. I would try and do some little things but everytime I get up and start walking around I start having braxton hicks, so I'm just laying in bed today and hoping tomorrow I'm able to do more.

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