Thursday, November 25, 2010


I left Greg with the boys for a couple of hours so I could go out and get diapers and 3 pairs of fleece pajamas for the boys. They were having a sale at JcPenney, but I stopped at Target first to see what their selection was. Somehow, I came home with all this. 8 sleepers, 7 long sleeve onsies, and two 3 piece sets from Carter's.

Shopping without the boys is going to get me in trouble. When I don't have to worry about getting home before their next feeding, one of them getting fussy in the store, or trying to carry items along with pushing a double stroller, I can manage to get a lot of stuff. I'm sure the boys didn't need all these, but I did get some great deals and along with coupons, I didn't spend that much. I got 2 fleece sleepers, two 3 piece sets (long sleeve onsie, short sleeve onsie, and pants) and four long sleeve onsies--all Carter's brand for $40.00 at JcPenney, thanks to their sale and my coupon.

I also decided to go ahead and start getting some stuff for the boys for Christmas. This Fisher Price Learn and Play Kitchen (that talks in english and spanish)is normally 39.99, it was on sale and I had a coupon, so I saved almost $20.00 and it was something I was going to get them anyways. I love finding great deals!!

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