Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This is the picture I posted on Instagram of the boys past Halloweens. The bottom picture is when they were about 2 months old, the top left is their second Halloween and top right is their third. Last year was the first year that they went Trick-or-Treating.
Late Friday morning, I met up with two other moms and set up for the boys Halloween party at school. We had a cookie decorating station, one mom made a huge pumpkin and the kids would get blindfolded and have to pin the "smile" on the pumpkin, there was a ring toss and bean bag toss, and a candy corn craft that they did with their teacher. The kids were HYPED up. I don't know if it was because it was a holiday or what, but bless their teacher, I don't know how she does it.

I think the cookie decorating was a huge hit. Another mom made the sugar cookies and I brought the frosting and sprinkles. It was messier than I ever dreamed it could be, but the kids loved it, so that's all that mattered. It took a couple minutes to sweep up and clean off the table afterwards, not a big deal at all.

After the party, the class ended with story time, I had to get a picture of story time.

After we left school, I had to go straight to the grocery store, so the boys wore their costumes. They didn't mind at all and got several comments through out the store which they loved.

When we got home, the boys took a nap. I was afraid that they wouldn't but they really needed it since we were going to be up late, so I was so relieved when they did. They were so excited to put on their costumes and go trick or treating when they woke up.

We went over to their friend, Cooper's house. He attended their old preschool and has been on both their soccer and t-ball team. His mom is so nice and after getting together for a few play dates, she invited us to come trick or treating at their house. I knew the boys would have so much more fun going with a friend. We tried to get some pictures before going to Cooper's house.

This is what almost all of them looked like. It's a shame they weren't excited, huh?

We had a little bit of time when we got there before going trick-or-treating, so all three boys played and played. Cooper actually has some of the toys that the boys play with at Kohl's when we go. They had a blast playing.

There was a good size group of us, our family of four, Cooper's family of four, his mom (andrea)'s parents, and also her cousin with her 1 year old and her husband. We all decided to try and get pictures before we went trick or treating because it would be too dark when we got back.

The boys were so hyped up, the sugar from their school party, the excitement of it being Halloween, and the excitement of being around their friend, they were just insane!

The three friends before trick-or-treating. We had a 12 month and 14month old with us they pulled in a wagon.

The first house of the night.

These sweet boys holding hands!!!

After trick-or-treating, we went back to Cooper's house for dinner and after eating, we all went and checked out a haunted house in their neighborhood. It was so much fun. The boys had a blast trick-or-treating with their friend and I know I had more fun doing it this way too. It was so sweet of them to invite us.

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