Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Fall Favorite

I did a fall favorites post the other day and wanted to add something to it. Today, I slipped into Bath and Body Works to get some antibacterial soap. I'm almost out and that's the only soap I use at home, it's the best. It has little exfoliating beads that leaves my hands feeling so clean. After going directly to the soap section and purchasing 6 of them, I turned around to leave and saw a display of their fall scented hand soap. They had Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Creamy Pumpkin, and Caramel Apple. So, I had to get 6 more (they were having a sale-6 for $20.00). I cannot wait to use them. This weekend I'm going to decorate the house for fall, bringing out my pumpkin scented candles and now I'll have pumpkin scented soap, so everytime I wash my hands I'll be reminded that it's my favorite time of year.

On a completely unrelated note, while I was out today running errands, I saw Sissy Spacek at Whole Foods. She lives in the Charlottesville area, so it wasn't completely random running into her there. I didn't ask to get a picture with her. I was alone and felt weird going up to her by myself. If I was with somebody I think I would have had the courage to talk to her. Oh well, I still thought it was neat seeing her there.

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