Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lots of Firsts

Over the past two weeks, the boys have experienced lots of firsts. First car trip, first doctor's appointment, first shopping trip, first bath, etc.

The boys are great car riders. They've slept during every car ride we've made with them. Here's some pics on the day they came home from the hospital and had their first car ride.

The boys first doctor's appointment went very well, but the boys had not gained any weight since leaving the hospital, so we had to go back one week later for a weight check and the boys had gained weight and are now back on track. As of Tuesday, Carter weighed 6lbs 6oz and Evan weighed 6lbs 4oz.

Last Wednesday, when the boys were 1 week old, Greg and I decided it was time for their first shopping trip. We went to Target, Babies R Us and Walmart. Then since the boys were being so good the entire time, I ran them by my work to show them off to everybody. They were so good! My mom and I took them out this week to their weight check and to Target and they did just as good.

I was so excited to give the boys their first bath. I have a ton of baby soap, shampoo, lotions, hooded towels, etc. Evan did really well, he cried a little when we got him undressed, before he got in the warm water and when we got him out, before we got him dressed. Carter, on the other hand, hated his bath! He hates having his diaper or clothes changed, so we were prepared that he wouldn't like getting naked and taking a bath. Hopefully, he'll come around.

Carter hating his first bath. :(

Evan not minding his first bath.

Both boys all clean!

The boys also had their first play date last Thursday. There were 3 of us pregnant at the same time-Elena, Robyn and me. Elena had her baby girl at the beginning of June and Robyn actually gave birth on the same day as I did to her baby girl, Aubrey. It was neat being in the hospital at the same time and that our babies all have the same birthday. Aubrey, Robyn, and Robyn's mom came by to bring us some delicious food from an amish run grocery store called Yoders. It was so much fun to compare stories and swap the babies around. Aubrey is super cute and I'm looking forward to many more play dates. We're hoping to have a playdate with Elena's baby girl, Kylie, soon.

Getting 3 one week olds to pose is not easy.

I thought this was such a cute idea for a picture.

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