Monday, August 23, 2010

One of Those Moms

You know those mom's that are obsessed with their kids? All they talk about is their kids and they can't seem to have a normal, adult conversation with other people that doesn't involve talking about her kids? The moms that think their kids a so perfect and can't do any wrong? The moms most of us, including me, think are so annoying? Well, I'm now one of those moms. I'm obsessed with my boys.

Evan and Carter are so perfect. I absolutely cannot get enough of them. I just want to eat them up. They're so cute. I love holding them and being around them. Since coming home from the hospital on Saturday morning, I have spent almost every moment with them and have loved every second of it. I can't believe how lucky Greg and I are to not only have one amazing and healthy son, but two!

We came home from the hospital on Saturday morning and our weekend has gone so great. My mom (the boys' Mamaw) came in on Friday night so she could be here to greet us home from the hospital, so our first days home have been so nice. The boys have their days and nights mixed up, so they sleep really well during the day, but at night they need a little more attention. We're starting to get the hang of nights with newborns and have decided to try out shifts since there's 3 of us. Tonight is the first night of that, so we'll see how it goes. The boys are eating so well. They eat every 4 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. They don't really like to have their diapers or clothes changed and that's really the only time they cry (and it's not really a true cry-it's more like whimpering and fussing), which I'm sure will change as they get older.

Tomorrow is the boys' first doctor's appointment and also their first outing. I'm very excited. I will make sure to take pictures and post an update on how it goes.

Here's some picture me and my mom took yesterday of the boys.

Carter is on the left and Evan is on the right. They are fraternal, not identical twins. They look so different right here, but when they have hats on, they look a lot more alike.

I love this picture. They are so sweet! I just cannot believe how lucky we are.

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