Friday, August 6, 2010

36 Week Check Up

Today we had our 36 week check up. Last week at my 35 week check-up, I had an ultrasound and the boys were 5lbs 11oz and 5lbs 9oz, so the doctors think they are at least 6lbs each this week. 12lbs of baby-whew! I actually feel really good, considering how far along and how massive I am. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, which I was very excited about. I have a c-section scheduled for August 18th--1 week and 5 days away. I can't believe how soon that is. I can't believe we're going to be parents in less than two weeks. I'm a little nervous, but I'm definitely ready for them to be here.

My last day that I was scheduled to work was Tuesday, August 3rd, but I'm allowed to go in whenever I want, for however long I want to help out. I'm on the fence about going in and working. On one hand, I think it'll help make next week go by a little faster, but on the other hand, I will never have this time off back. After the boys get here, it'll be so busy, I'm wondering if I should take advantage of this time off and just relax--read, watch tv, nap, etc. since I won't be able to do much of it after the boys get here. I have the house to myself while Greg is at work and it's so quiet and almost a little lonely, but I'm sure I will regret not taking advantage of it while I can. So, who knows, I guess I'll see how much we get done this weekend and how I feel next week.

I do not have any pictures to post today, but I will be taking some this weekend after we hang up the boys names behind the cribs, that my sweet friend, Brandi made for me. And I'll post another pregnancy picture to show what I'm looking like these days.

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